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Only answer if you have more than 3 stone to lose...

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by cosmos, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Had a good day yesterday no endless nibbling.
    I have a stock of dried fruit for times when I need a taste of something sweet. Mr C has joined in all this too and has banned all biscuits and choc from the house, great that we are supporting each other.
  2. I just wanted to say, Arched Eyebrows, that having the exercise bike is already half the victory, plus exercise bikes are great because you can watch telly or read while doing it! I usually get bored out of my mind on machines but a bike is different.
    I don't think anyone is too fat to wear jeans - in fact jeans are usually firm enough to hold in wobbly bits without being ike one of those corset things... Get to a shop a try on a pair of jeans, Fruity, you may love yourself in them. :)
    Hahahahaha! ROTFL! You've made my day with this, Cosmos, can't stop giggling :)
  3. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

  4. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Well, if the scales are to be believed (I think they lie by 2lb - either that or my arm has dropped off and I've not noticed!), I've now lost 20% of my body weight.

    Not bad eh?

    Technically I have 5st5lb to go to reach "ideal" BMI...
  5. You go girl! Well done!!
    I went out for the day to friends yesterday and there was pudding...... I felt a moment's hesitation but ate it and enjoyed it thoroughly. Today I shall just make sure that I don't overindulge and will have a good brisk walk. No guilt ( or at least not very much).
  6. Woo hoo 4lbs at last. I can see the fruits of my extensive walks and runs.
  7. Well done! I am so glad all your efforts are starting to pay off!
  8. *waves* hello...I would like to join. I am a shorty at 5'3" and currently weigh 10st 7ish pounds (i am in denial and it is more around the 10.10 mark). I am often told that the weight is 'nothing' but when you consider I look like Clare Nasir....
    ...the before pic not the after pic, except I am fatter and do not have the excuse of recently giving birth, following this theory losing 3 stone would result in me looking like her after picture would it not? [​IMG]
    This time last year I was over a stone lighter and my clothes are all too tight at the moment so I have to shift the fat! I have been eating healthier for the past few weeks but not 'properly' and so havent really weighed myself as I am too scared!
    I have however paid to do an 8 week boot camp thing which I am actually pooing myself for but it will hopefully help me get motivated!
    Well done to all those who have been successful so far, and to those who are struggling - dont give up! I know how hard it is, last summer I was dieting/exercising for 5 months and lost NOTHING!
    Good luck
  9. Oh and I forgot to mention that I am calorie counting using myfitnesspal and on minimum calories of 1200 per day I can only lose 1.1lb per week [​IMG] so its going to be a long hard slog for me which is why I never manage to stick to it for long because its such an effort for me to lose weight. Boo!
  10. Weird isn't it? Losing that 4 lb has encouraged me to be good today and so far am having a GOOD day.
  11. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I think I am like you CrazyChemist - my body never wants to let go of the weight. 9 months of strict sliimming world adherence lost me a whole 9lb. Very disheartening.
  12. Er, I don't think you'd have to lose 3 stone if you're 10'7 now! I'm about half a stone fatter than you and your height and you've got me in a right stress now! I'm going to stop reading all weight loss threads, I think, there's nothing like someone saying how huuuuuge they are and who happens to weigh less than you to make you feel a heiffer!
  13. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I am the same height as CC but i currently weigh over 13 stone so i definitely need to lose three stone but i think they shouldn't go below 8-9 stone. Personally i would be chuffed to be 10 stone again.
  14. If someone is 5' 3" and weights 10st 10lb , that's a BMI of 26.61. The healthy range is 18.5-25. Weighing only 10st would take it down to 24.84 (healthy range).
  15. "weighs" - sorry, typo.
  16. Oh no please dont take offence. I am often baffled at how I can be so fat yet weigh so little(ish). I have concluded that I have no muscle mass and instead am made entirely from fat. At 10 1/2 stone I am a size 14/16 which for my frame is far too much. My lowest was 9st and I was still a size 14 - albeit on the bottom but my top half shrunk to an 8 so I was very unbalanced.
    I am aiming for 8 1/2 ish and will re-evaluate then but I think I will need to go even lower to get rid of my belly and thighs. Try not to compare yourself to people of similar height/weight because everyones body composition is different!
    In particular dont compare yourself with me as my body is just freaky [​IMG]
  17. Ok I am avoiding scales and can't stand still long enough to use them... finally a positive outcome of being ill and using walking sticks for balance :)
    I think I have lost some weight.. I hope it's not just loss of bloating from changing medication. MY Jeans from last summer now fit again.. they haven't done up for a while so I am smiling..
  18. I wish I could find more drive and motivation. I want to be fired up to do this and I am not. [​IMG]
    I need to lose weight for the sake of my health really. Oh vanity comes into to it as well, but I need instant results to give me a kick start. (I have often wondered about meal replacement shakes and the like as I know several people who lost a lot of weight quickly using them.) However, I cannot afford fad diets....and eating is a lifetime thing so good habits have to be learnt.
    I don't overeat really.....but...I am not disciplined either. Yesterday for example, I had Weetabix for breakfast, an egg salad for lunch and three seeded Ryvita spread with low-fat hummus for an afternoon snack. I drank gallons of tea and water in between meals. I went to my man's for dinner last night and it was healthy...poached salmon with prawns, broccoli, cauliflower, new potatoes and hollandaise sauce. However, I ate all the potatoes and the generous serving of sauce. I also had a large glass of Pinot Grigio.....and when we had tea later I ate two fig rolls with it. I could have saved myself quite a few calories last night, by saying no to the extras, but I didn't. [​IMG]
    And exercise. I am mobile and a fast walker but I don't seem able to walk just for the sake of it.. I have used the bike three times this week....for twenty to thirty minutes each time....so I am not exactly pulling out all the stops.
    I want to be fired up and determined...and I am struggling to find that ooooomph. I may be too contented with my lot. Too contented and FAT. [​IMG]
  19. Oh eyebrow, how well I understand!
    I am trying so hard to be fired up and determined and not doing very well over the last couple of days. sometimes it just doesn't seem to be enough to want to lose weight for your health's sake does it?
    No point in even thinking of new clothes yet.......
    No matter, WE CAN DO IT

    ROSIEGIRL Lead commenter

    Bad news. Daughter number 3 is in the kitchen baking a cake.


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