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Only answer if you have more than 3 stone to lose...

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by cosmos, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    You strawberry cream freak PFF! If you were near me, you would be more than welcome but I don't think they are really worth posting to you and what about the 'healthy eating' we are so busy trying to promote here. I ache all over now from my exercise.
  2. My son came for a walk with me this afternoon - I say walk, I mean route march - 4 miles! My legs are still aching....
    Healthy lunch and supper today - lots of salad and no meat. Feeling good and not craving anything sweet. I think this might work!
  3. I had some flatbreads for brekkie, grapes for lunch and kedgeree for dinner made with brown rice.

    just going for a run
  4. Ok. I'm 14 stone 11 pounds - I was 16 stone last Christmas - lost stone and a half - am now gaining back steadily. It is time I took this weight loss stuff seriously. Docs have told me I am in danger of developing diabetes plus I just want to look a whole lot better. I want to be "me" again. I want to have the confidence I used to have before I was overweight. Ideally I would like to be between 11 and 11 and a half stone. Thats the weight I was when I got married and I know I felt great then. I'm going to say 11 stone 4 is my goal. Thats 3 and a half stone away. I AM going to lose half a stone by half term. I weighed myself last Monday morning. I have been fairly good this week - I will post my weight on Monday!! - oooooo! I feel like I've committed to this now!
  5. If you have fallen by the wayside, it is important that you don't beat yourselves up. Just put it behind you and keep going.
    I can't do running - have wrecked ankles once too often and can only walk in proper walking boots. I started swimming just before Christmas andwas thinking of going to aquarobics, or whatever they're called. Anybody tried it? I am completely paranoid about being left with acres of loose skin - would that help?
    I weighed myself this morning - tee hee. Will announce it tomorrow!
    Must not drink wine, must not drink wine, must not drink more than one glass of wine.......
  6. Been for a 7 mile walk this afternoo, not a stroll an arm swinging, striding walk and am now officially knackered.
  7. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    I ran for four (separate) minutes today! Bellyflab wobbled a lot, though, quite irritating. Sports Knickers Needed. Came home and ate more Christmas cake though, seemed to forget that it was BAD CAKE.
  8. 14.4!!!!!
    I have lost 6lbs this week. HURRAY!
    That is miles of walking, cutting back on carbs, and no sweet things. I feel so motivated to continue.
  9. That is fantastic! Go you!
  10. Go cosmos.

    I had disappointment this morning as I put back on the 2 lbs I h ad lost since Thursday, despite walking/jogging on SAturday and 7 mile route march yesterday.
  11. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Cosmos, that loss is awe inspiring, It tends to take me about 6 weeks to achieve that. I think i may have lost a pound this week but i am not counting my chickens as it seems to fluctuate so much. Have just done a pilates class and walked home (even tho it was tipping down). There are some advantages to not having any supply work booked. Am now working for the next two weeks so exercise will be harder but i will try to fit some in. All my naughty things are nearly gone now so that will help a lot.
  12. Thank you all so much. I am so chuffed. I don't expect weight loss like that every week but brilliant boost. makes me look at the huge plate of salad with a little more enthusiasm!
    Keep going girls - we can all do it
  13. Not just lettuce leaves....
    Mixed green salad, tomato and basil salad, grated carrot,raisin and toasted alnond salad, mixed bean salad, marinated peppers....all delish and quickand easy to make.
    If your leftovers are of the sweetie kind, be ruthless - give them away; put your cake out for the birds, stuff them down your nearest and dearest, anything but eat them much as I love the run-to-cake-diet!

    This is why we are doing it!!!!
    PS - I am not in this picture!

  14. Feeling really down today, weighed myself this mornign and have put a pound on despite all the exercise at the weekend and not being silly with eating.
    I have stopped the endless grazing I did day in and day out. Fed up.
  15. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Chilliex - it will stabilise. Don't reach for the naughty stuff because you are down about it.

    I think I will make the above picture my new wallpaper on the computer as that will motivate like nothing else.
  16. I bet the one in the pink is well chuffed!
    I'm in have a lot to lose to qualify for infertility checks/possible treatment. Have been cutting down and have been given Xenical by my GP to help.
    Just need to get into some sort of exercise regime, I have noble ideas that I rarely action but my reasons for wanting the weight off are just too precious.
    Good luck everyone and well done for the weight loss xx
  17. The best incentive of all woo.
    I wish you luck.
    I haven't succumbed but was sorely tempted tonight. Had a spat with Mr C and just wanted to stuff my face. Fortunately there is very little food in the house and cottage cheese just doesn't do it.
  18. How is everyone today? With the gorgeous day we had here today spirits are high and I continue to feel motivated. I am really not craving sweet things at the moment but would kill for a packet of crisps!
    Cheese and onion mmmmmmmmm
    Don't worry, none in the house!
  19. Been for a run tonight.
  20. Well done on not eating the crisp!

    I used to eat two - three bags a day, now I just have a few nachoes. Still not brill but better.

    Everyone seems to be doing well. I have just been watching a programme about crash diets and they said your weight can fluctuate by up 5lb a day! Always weigh yourself in a morning. 1pint of water equal 1lb.

    Onwards and upwards everyone!

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