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Online Tutoring

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by eims07, May 23, 2019.

  1. eims07

    eims07 New commenter

    Hi all,
    I'm a QTS primary school teacher, with experience of working in several schools in London and a further few years in Herts. I've held leadership positions and worked across all key stages EYFS, KS1 and KS2, with experience of delivering intervention classes and booster classes. I've a proven track record in helping children succeed. Since the birth of my second child I decided not to return to school and started a small business which I've grown tutoring 1:1 to work around my family life. I no longer need to advertise for this as all my work now comes from referrals. My youngest starts Reception in September and I am looking to take my tuition business online so that I am still there for my children as we have no family support network.
    I'm hoping to take the next step and enter the realm of 'online tuition', specifically not only offering 1:1 tuition but to look at teaching groups. I realise this is quite the leap but something I'm keen to achieve. I have seen an online course to learn how to grow my online tutoring business and also am planning to register with The Tutor's Association.
    I am happy to teach up to KS2 Maths and up to KS3 English as I currently tutor middle school English successfully. I am also prepared to complete CPD in to prepare children for entrance exams.

    My query is, has anyone on the forum successfully entered the realm of online tutoring to KS2 children?
    Has anyone tutored groups of children at this age online?
    The course to grow an online business is not cheap and I don't want to throw away hard earned cash if this were not a viable option. I do believe there's a market for online platforms but I don't want to work for someone else.

    I've also looked at pricing and would be interested in what value others rate their profession/experience. My hourly rate 1:1 is currently £30 but its been this rate for 3 years and inflation has gone up, I feel my rate should also...

    Thoughts, opinions and experiences are most welcome...

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