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Online tutoring

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by silversnapdragon, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. silversnapdragon

    silversnapdragon New commenter

    Can anyone tell me how they go about online tutoring please? as this is an area I would like to get into
  2. TheLondonTutor

    TheLondonTutor New commenter

    Hello, I have around 30 hours experience tutoring online now and I received training from one of the top tuition agencies on how to deliver online tuition.

    Software you’ll need to get started:
    • Skype or Zoom (video calls. Zoom is less well known but supposedly more stable)
    • www.Bitpaper.io or www.Bramble.io (online whiteboards that change live when you or your student edit them; no need to download just visit the websites)
    • Google Docs (e.g. for editing or commenting on essays live; again, no need to download)
    Hardware you’ll need:
    • Decent laptop or desktop
    • Decent and stable internet connection (Don’t forget that after school/in the evenings everyone’s internet connection slows down because of local surges in internet usage. So if in doubt, upgrade your internet speed to 20mbps or more.)
    • Graphics tablet (allows you to write and draw on online whiteboards - mentioned above - with ease)
    I plan on writing a blog and/or creating a video guide on how to do tutor online soon. If you’d be interested to see it please vist my blog and/or subscribe to my newsletter :)
  3. silversnapdragon

    silversnapdragon New commenter

    Thanks a lot! I will

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