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Online Tutoring Platform

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by Newstein, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Newstein

    Newstein New commenter

    Now we are all indoors and tutoring face to face is no more.

    Some of my former students have asked me if I would teach them online.

    I know only Skype and Facebook and they do not have hand writing facilities. (Or do they?)

    Could you guys with experience in this type of work recommend me some free (or commercially available) software packs that I can use from my living room?

    Thanks in advance for your kind help.
  2. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    Use bitpaper, it was recommended on here and I switched to it. I use that and skype.

    A graphics tablet is really useful, it works like a whiteboard.
  3. microbiology

    microbiology New commenter

    which graphics tablet do you use?
  4. microbiology

    microbiology New commenter

  5. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    Wacom intuos. Very easy to use,

    I don't pay for any.
  6. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    It looks like the charges have just been introduced and start from tomorrow.
  7. microbiology

    microbiology New commenter

    Yeah, they charge for paper. Not sure how that would work. I just use zoom, a graphics tablet and word. Save the word and send it to them
  8. lazy dingo

    lazy dingo New commenter

    I use the Huion 420 its very basic but good enough for online teaching. Around £20 on amazon or ebay.
  9. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    I've found out a bit more about bitpaper charges. It will be a minimum of $8 per month, that would be for 10 or 20 'papers'. For that read each tutee having their own, each 'paper' can have 100 pages on each.

    Each month a further 10 or 20 'papers' are added, ie after 3 months you would have 30 or 60 new papers available. Far more than you need.

    If you don't need new papers you don't have to pay for that month. In short, it doesn't have to be a rolling charge, once you have enough for your tutees then you can halt the payment. For me, one months payment would be enough to see me through this pandemic. I'll gladly pay for it, so far it's been priceless.
  10. Joseph.John

    Joseph.John New commenter

    Hello all,
    I am using Liveboard costing $10 a month, it can take a while getting use to, you get unlimited students, audio, adequate tools and you have the ability to disable the whiteboard for individual students or all students. There's no camera just the board. The thing I like about it is that you get to prepare your slides before the lesson if you want to.

    Feedback, let me know what you think.


  11. lazy dingo

    lazy dingo New commenter

    I use Tutor Class. It has a really good whiteboard with video and audio plus a few nice extras built in. Added bonus is I have a profile on the site which allows new students to find me.
    Happyregardless likes this.
  12. ruivascoma

    ruivascoma New commenter

    Hi dingo, I also use Tutor Class. I'm looking to expand to other websites, as well. Do you know any alternatives to Tutor Class?
  13. lazy dingo

    lazy dingo New commenter

    Hi, I am only using Tutor Class, I have not found any other whiteboard that has all the features in one place. I know other Tutors are combining Zoom, Skype and Bitpaper to achieve a similar result.
  14. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    I've been using bitpaper but it's become really expensive. I paid $20 and used that time limit in a few days because I had loads more lessons with no time to try out another platform I paid another $50. After little over a week that will run out. They have priced themselves out of the market really. I have very slow internet so their site was one of the few I could use without glitches. To think it had been free for years before the crisis! I'm going to try using Skype with screen sharing a white board. If the connection is slow we can always turn off the video, I hope.

    I'm moaning on to Open Reach to install fast fibre but with the impending end of civilization now may not be the right time.
  15. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    I'm interested in trying it but it must be strange having no camera. I like to put a face to whom I'm tutoring. The price does seem good compared to bitpaper.
  16. gainly

    gainly Lead commenter

    I use Zoom. Although this has a basic whiteboard I haven't really used it. I have a separate webcam pointing down at the table top. I then just write on paper and switch webcams to show them what I've written. Pretty basic but it works for me and students seem happy with it.

    Given that I've lost most of my students I don't want any additional expenses such as paying for Bitpaper.
  17. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    I've been paying a lot more with calls but I'm wondering if I can use without calls and combine it with skype. Is that what you do?
  18. lazy dingo

    lazy dingo New commenter

    You should contact Tutor class and ask for a demo of their virtual classroom, saves you having to combine different combinations.
  19. jean_daligault

    jean_daligault New commenter

    Yes for me. Also one (or a few) paper per tutee.
  20. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    I haven't paid anything yet for bitpaper, I found the papers I already had were enough, ie I had 10 already set up and each one has 100 pages if I needed them.

    Can't you do something like open a paper and use different pages for your students?

    I use it as a whiteboard, upload any docs and email hard copies where need be. I don't use it for calls, I use skype and share screen for anything I want them to view. I suppose you could do the same thing with bitpaper, where you just reuse the same page to write on, but they can't join in.

    There's no need to pay every month for bitpaper, I contacted them as I didn't understand how it worked. You can have 1 free new paper every month (100 pages), this is added to what you already have. If you pay $8 you get 20 new papers every month (2000 pages), again, if you don't use them all you don't pay for the next month. If you've paid them $70 you must have hundreds of papers and tens of thousands of pages available. Do check, and as with a real whiteboard, wipe it clean and reuse. They don't get deleted after a month and you don't keep on paying.

    This is a copy of the email they sent me.

    I should say that over time papers which are regularly reused slow and at some point in the future we will begin putting limits on how much can be added to one paper. Even if you erase the content and rewrite all actions are stored in the bit paper log which is why it slows. On the $8 programme, this should be an issue as you will have 8 papers per month, this should allow you to copy over regularly. Any papers that you don't use ill carry over so you should also have some months where you have enough papers without needing the package at all

    So each paper (url) has 100 pages (tabs). There is no charge for the tabs, just the URLs.

    $8 gives you 20 urls a month and thus 800 pages!

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