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Online Monitoring and Assessments

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by fairport, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. fairport

    fairport New commenter

    I've just looked into this. We've been quoted £2700 for a 3 year licence including training with online reporting included (same size school). This was without any pushing for the price to come down. I'm going to try and get another few quid knocked off though!
  2. Hi,
    Our company have an online tracking system called O-Track that includes FSP through to KS2. The system allows you to input assessments very easily and then simply click on links to run reports on the data you have inputted.
    Take a look at what the system has to offer at: www.optimumreports.co.uk/otrack
    The system cost £725 per annum for a primary school with discounts for Junior and Infants or small schools.
    If you would like a demo please feel free to contact us - see the contact us page on the website above.
  3. Tartuffe

    Tartuffe Occasional commenter

    Does your MIS system already have an assessment/tracking module which is not being used?
    Some one off training nay allow you to have a system in place within your existing MIS which has links to all the other contextual data - FSM, CIC, G&T etc

  4. "Does your MIS system already have an assessment/tracking module which is not being used?"

    We experimented with this idea but we wanted something that is much quicker and easier for all staff to access. We went for Classroom Monitor as most MIS assessments that I know of do not go in to enough detail. We like the objective level approach similar to APP

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