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Online GCSE Maths Papers

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by XiLetter, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. XiLetter

    XiLetter New commenter

    Can anyone recommend a high quality online resource which includes GCSE maths exam papers that can be completed online in their entirity and then the attempt at the paper shared with a tutor? The paper doesn't have to be automatically marked and it can be a paid resource. I currently work for an online tutoring company and this is something I would really like to use with my students.
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    If not, there are now mobile phone apps that will enable a student to scan their work into a pdf, which they could then email you. (For maths, I don't think completing it online is a good idea, because of notation and diagram issues, although there are free pdf annotation tools.)
  3. Alexdiver

    Alexdiver New commenter

    On maths. Com
  4. mrktylr

    mrktylr New commenter

    As previous commenter said - www.onmaths.com, although I'm not sure whether or not the results can then be shared with the tutor. We've also found that the site becomes very slow around exam time (presumably as many people are using at this time).

    Prime Maths Resources

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