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Online dating

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Gresley, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Not having much luck finding someone special, so I am thinking of online dating. Does it work? Anyone tried it? Can anyone reccomend any good sites? I have looked at a few but I'm not too impressed with some of them!!
  2. Hi,
    Not having much luck finding someone special, so I am thinking of online dating. Does it work? Anyone tried it? Can anyone reccomend any good sites? I have looked at a few but I'm not too impressed with some of them!!
  3. If you want to do it just go for it. If you are going to 'click' with someone you will click with them regardless of where or how you met.
    Avoid things like plentyoffish or other free sites as they are mainly used by people looking for a quick sh*g.
  4. Unless, of course, that's what you're after!
  5. Well, of course LP!
    It does prove very useful for that very purpose!
  6. You speaking from experience PFF [​IMG]
  7. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    I signed up for internet dating whilst having a drunken girly night in with my ex's sister. I used it for a grand total of 3 days.

    Best money I ever spent - coming up to one year with my boyfriend and we're planning to get married. Go for it - I think it can be much easier and safer than, say, meeting someone on a night out - it's much easier to "run away" if you decide the person you're talking to is a complete weirdo!

    I used matchaffinity after having accidentally clicked through from match.com. Good luck and have fun!
  8. I've used it and successfully! Came across a few weirdos and if you're a female then there are blokes who are just seeing if they can line a few "playmates" - keeping all dangling. Not my experience by definitely what I have heard.
    Just go in with an open mind.
    I was on for two weeks, went on a Friday or Saturday when had had a few to drink, bit of dutch courage but decided that it wasn;t for me, wasn't ready to date again and felt guilty about being disloyal to my late husband. There was one bloke I liked who hadn;t responded once I gave him a wink. He lived in the same region and looked nice; his situation was also the same as mine (both widowed). Gave him one last shot to contact me and he did within hours (he'd been off the site for a while)
    The rest is history and we've been together 10 months. He is kind gentle and funny. He's made me see life is for living and you have to take every opportunity of happiness. I think I am exceptionally lucky to have "found" him.
    Good luck in your search

  9. Go for a web-site you have to pay for (match affintiy, soulmates (via the Guardian), eharmony) and enjoy! I met my current man on the internet and would not hesitate to use a site again. Good fun. Throw out a few winks at people and be perfectly happy to not get any responses. It's all very random who does and doesn't respond and contact you but it's fun and you may meet someone wonderful. You have nothing to lose really. I chat for ages before meeting someone but I have friends who prefer to meet someone quickly to write them off or not before 'wasting time' beforehand.
  10. I'd definitely recommend it. Been married to my OH for 2 and half years now after meeting on match.com 4 and a half years ago. Good luck.
  11. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    It worked for me. I used udate which I don't think is around anymore but we've been together nearly 7 years and married for 4 as of next month.
    Keep an open mind and be prepared to meet quite a few frogs before you find your prince. Be ruthless about deleting/blocking anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. The weirdos are pretty easy to spot in my experience.
  12. Crystalsecrets

    Crystalsecrets New commenter

    TES worked for me, just watch out for the elbow patches, lol
  13. I suspect it is something you will love or hate.
    Not for me, nor will any of the comments about success on here convince me. Too many loonies, too many liars, too many just out for a s.hag, too many losers.
    Yes, I am.
    I don't want a man from an internet site, nor do I want to actively search.
    But good luck to those who try it.
  14. Just had to giggle, there is a song in the German charts just now all about internet dating.
    I won't post the song but the lyrics (my translation) go along the lines of:
    Online I have a house...
    Online I am beautiful...
    Online everyone loves me...
    Everyone loves me...
  15. Well, I'm overwhelmed by the response! Thanks everyone. Match affinity seems a good bet so I am almost certainly going to give it a try...watch this space! Not having any luck meeting someone special in 'ordinary' circumstances - humph!
    Thanks again everyone!
  16. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I met Mr Para on smooch.com which is a freeby site. I also met people from quechup.com and from here on TES.
    Just as in 'real' life, you get some proper numpties - but I also met some really lovely people too!
  17. matchaffinity is doing a promotion - it's free this weekend until Sunday night!
  18. I say do it! I'm moving in with OH after meeting him on Dating Direct almost a year ago. I had met a few other men before hand and some were nice enough but just not for me. No real nutters either I'm pleased to say.
    I think some people have a negative view of internet dating; regarding those who do it as weirdos, saddos and losers. I would argue that there are loads of lovely people on there as well as some out for a quick sh@g and just a few nutters. Isn't this like real life though?
    Surely using the internet to chat to people you have never met before is not that odd anyway - we're all doing it right now aren't we?
    Have fun x

  19. Yes - but under a totally different premise! Or would you like to sh.ag me tomorrow and marry me on Tuesday?
    Joking aside - as I said before, it is not for me, it is for some.
    And if you have find your OH via internet and are happy - the result is what counts, isn't it? [​IMG]
  20. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    I wouldn't rule the free sites out - you just have to be more choosy. I met my partner on plenty of fish almost 3 years ago and we are still very happy. Even that short a time ago it was much less 'acceptable' but nowadays.... go for it! Just go in with your eyes open :)

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