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ongoing provision in Foundation Stage please help!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by amfox, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. amfox

    amfox New commenter

    Hi everyone
    We have a large unit with a lot of boys this year! Our provision that we have is rather old and it seems whatever we put out it holds their interest for a while, then it stops. WE ask the children what they would like out for the following week, but nothing really gripping them. Has anyone any ideas for this please . Thanks in advance
  2. We have a large spider diagram on the wall and when we notice something that the children are interested in or when we spot them using resources in their own way, we make a new category of that 'interest' and list all the children to which it applies. It's actually quite interesting how the interests can link together and lead to other interests. This really helps with enhancing the areas as we can see the direction that we can take areas and it gives us ideas on new things to add. They then tend to use these things in different ways which in turn leads to more categories and more enhancements! Hope this is useful.
  3. amfox

    amfox New commenter

    thanks for that sounds a good idea, what sort of things do you put out for provision? x
  4. vickywitham

    vickywitham New commenter

    i've got mostly boys in my class and its the same with me. they get bored easily but I have made a creative area which they can make whatever they like. I top it up with allsorts, boxes, junk, paper, sticky tape, corks, you name it. the boys love being able to make what they like and it's a great area to get loads of language too!! Believe me, although this area is constantly a mess, the benefits are amazing and the children always suggest what thy might like to make/have/use in the making area!! hope this helps xx
  5. We have the usual writing area, reading aea, creative area, junk modelling area, dough area, construction area, small world area, sand, water, role play and tuffspots etc. These areas have continuous provision resources in trays that the children can get out whenever they want. (Eg number and letter moulds, spades, buckets etc, etc in the sand etc, etc). We also enhance them but it really depends on interests and topics. For example, the class have been really interested in aliens after reading 'The aliens are coming' so we've added 'character profile' formats to the writing area with pictures of aliens for children to name and describe (They're loving this!) and blank lists for them to wirte shopping lists using 'alien words'. We've got black eyed beans (great to use as eyes), feathers, straws etc in the dough area along with some pictures of aliens as a stimulus to make their own aliens. In the sand, we put 'moonstones', glitter, stars and sequins and numbers to see what they'd do with this. (It turns out that making 'alien cakes' seems to be 'en vogue' so I made a recipe using 'alien ingredients' (Nonsense CVC words) and stuck the corresponding words onto pots and tubs full of ingredients for salt dough. They really loved following the recipe to make the 'buns'). In the junk modelling, we've added foil and pictures of spaceships. Lots of children were making their own aliens in this area too, so we added some green celophane and pipe cleaners. We've made one of the tuffspots into an alien landscape with papier mache and have put 'Go-go's' into it. (They've been making spaceships to use in their small world play here too). We made Beebot into an alien in the ICT area and added a floor map of a planet. We noticed that lots of children have been just cutting up the paper in the writing area and creative areas so in the other tuffspot, we just piled loads of different papers, some shapes to use as templates, different types of scissors ('pinking shears' type as well as standard ones), rulers (straight and wavy), pencils and some printed letter outlines. They've spent ages drawing lines and shapes and cutting them out quite accurately! In the reative area, we added black paper and shiny foil so there've been lots of space pictures.
  6. some fab ideas - thanks.

    Boys in my class have been completely engrossed in the water tray - lots of different length builder pipes and joints. They started off pouring with funnels, then they noticed the drain coming from the roof and spent ages creating something that would take the water away and beyond the outside terrace area and then they linked the pipes to take the water out of the water tray and were aiming it to reach the drain beyond the area - watching it down the slope and trying different angles - it's been great and completely their ideas. Even one little boy who struggles to join in anything or want to do anything except read and computer - he has been playing out there for an hour at a time and longer. It has been fantastic watching them and I've learned so much!

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