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One year to teach GCSE maths - Please advise

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Aquillabass, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Could anyone kindly offer guidance. I teach maths in a KS4 PRU where our core offer is Functional Skills: EL3 through to L2. I have some Y11 students whom I believe have the potential to extend beyond this and would benefit from attempting GCSE maths. Here's my dilemma, I only have this academic year to teach them the GCSE syllabus. Which units should I focus on, which should I sacrifice. Sincere thanks.
  2. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    search something like "gcse maths foundation 1 year scheme of work" as there will be lots of pre written SoW out there
  3. catbanj

    catbanj Occasional commenter

    Look at the JustMaths crossover topics. They focus on the grade 4 stuff
  4. teselectronic

    teselectronic Occasional commenter

    Can Craig Barton and his Colleagues not help you?
    Schemes of work for Foundation level, for all examining boards, then make an analysis, to find the appropriate methodology.
    Well done for taking the time and effort to improve their chances.
  5. lisabturner

    lisabturner New commenter

    I worked in a PRU for 7 years - definitely have a look at Corbett Maths starters for constant revision and think about the weighing of the subjects - they really need to know basic algebra and ratio.

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