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One thing my NQT year didn't prepare me for.....

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Thelastchancesaloon, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Couldn't agree more. I do sometimes leave soon after the kids, but that's because I like to see my own children occasionally! I added up how much time they had from me last week and I spent LESS THAN AN HOUR a day with both of them because of the workload consuming me. As a single parent, there's no-one to help with that side of things so I tend to bring work home with me so they're not left home alone (early teens) but I routinely work till nearly midnight, sometimes later, every weekday. I stay late at least twice a week to run intervention classes and/or detentions, then there's the NQT after-school stuff, when the planning/marking still needs to get done once I get home. My frees are often taken up with the latest data-chasing initiative that has to be done 'this minute' so work gets dragged home.
    At weekends, I take Friday nights off and usually some of Saturday if I am lucky enough to see my partner, who lives some distance away. But most of Sunday and the remainder of Saturday, I'll be working. I work in the holidays too - though I DO ensure I have quality time off then as well. I am hating my NQT year, even though my school are lovely. I have never felt so exhausted and frankly I don't care about the teacher-bashers. Let em walk a mile in my shoes first!

  2. I think we just have to learn to ignore it, I've had all the supposedly jokey 'half the year off, 9-3 days' comments from friends and relatives and it does irritate me at times. I always get to work by 8am, normally 7.30, and I very rarely leave before 4.30pm. There are some days when I do leave early so I can collect my own children from afterschool club or because I'm exhausted and just want to get out of the school, but on those days I have to take marking home and prepare resources at home so it's not as if I get out of working [​IMG].

    We do get GREAT holidays and I'm really grateful for them, but term time is manic and I can't think of many jobs where it's just taken for granted that you'll do so much work at home.
  3. Suggest to anyone who thinks a teacher's job is a soft option that they try it for themselves.
    Funny how few of them want to try ... [​IMG]
    Watch Taylor Mali "What Teachers Make" on YouTube. Very heartening.


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