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One term Literacy Skills project - Any year groups

Discussion in 'Primary' started by eddiecarron, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. There are actually four projects running simultaneously - one In England, one in Wales, one in N. Ireland and one in the Highland Area of Scorland - all testing the same hypothesis viz that deficits in literacy skills are quite avoidable and can be resolved in one term. The English project is the biggest with about fifty schools taking part. The other three projects are smaller and are being organised by their own specialist staff. Those taking part agree to post their responses on teacher forums so that there will be no publisher's spin or question of selecting only positive responses. Should be an interesting term!

  2. In addition to those asking for a copy of the project materials, about a dozen teachers have asked for details of what is involved therefore...
    1. Identify the small number of children in any year group wth a deficit in literacy skills.
    2. Arrange for these chidren to complete a short (5 mins) daily computer exercise.
    3. Arrange for these children to read their exercises from a printout to a teacher, TA or other child.
    All of this for one term and at the end of the term, expect that these children will no longer have any deficit in literacy skills.
    The materials are sent on request so that teachers can decice whether or not to take part. We require only that those taking part will report their conclusions at the end of the term on this forum - whatever these conclusions might be.

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