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One off learning festival lesson

Discussion in 'Music' started by berkoga, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. My Primary school is running a one week learning festival the week before half term during which my brief is to teach twelve classes of roughly 30 mixed age (year 3 - 6), mixed ability classes. Should be interesting given the vast difference between the most and least able.The remit is the learning should be very much pupil led and I have between 40 minutes and an hour to make it happen for each class.
    I have limited workspace beyond my music room, probably no TA support, I wont have access to our IT suite and probably no access to the video equipment as this had been commandered for a media project. If the weathers good I have some outdoor space.
    So my initial thought is a one off junk piece. Start with a video clip of something cyclic and let the more able lead the composition of a class piece. Zubaddo from Music Express springs to mind.
    Any other suggestions on a postcard please.
  2. bod99

    bod99 New commenter

    Junk piece sounds like a good plan.
    how about making class arrangements of songs e.g. drunken sailor, haul away Joe?
    rewriting the lyrics to a song and making some instrumental accompaniments?
    writing a soundscape based on different environments eg. desert, arctic, rainforest, etc using instruments, vocal sounds and found sounds. You could make some huge graphic scores if you use big rolls of paper. The first class could write one for the 2nd class etc? You could be in a time travel machine and draw the destination/era/event out of a magic hat?

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