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One of the best things you've ever heard a pupil say about you. Share them here.

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by brambo, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Actually, I was deemed God by a departing Y11, but those things are by-the-by.
    I don't sit the exams, they do. I only teach them.
    If a pupil reachs a grade they had only hoped for, I've only done my part. They've done the hard work.
    Love it when a pupil achieves to their best, but that is not the same...
  2. Two years ago...
    "Thank God. Now we've got a proper teacher."
    Hmmmm. Never liked that as a member of a department, but it filled me with hope that they would damn well work - they did.
  3. Both reported to me by other staff
    Yr 8 boy to a new boy "We've got Miss 'A' next. You will either love her or hate her. I love her!" Went on to teach him for 7 years!
    Yr 11 girl who couldn't find the answer to a question about something that was happening in school that day "I'll go and see Miss 'A' because I love her and she gets things sorted out"
  4. David Getling

    David Getling Lead commenter

    Lots to choose from, but a recent comment I quite liked was one of my HL students telling me he wasn't feeling well and only came in because of my maths lesson.
  5. OK, now you've all massaged your egos and told us how great you are, could you please get back to some teaching? Thanks!
  6. Sadly, mine usually come after I meet them two or three years after I can help them, such as the 19 year old neets turning up at my Adult Ed class, sheepishly saying "I wish I'd listened in school."
    But the best has to be "Oh, you've got cyolba this year. He tells the worst k=jokes but you learn the most Maths." I think I'll save that for my tombstone.
    cyolba, rarely appreciated in his own lifetime :)
  7. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    mrs hammie has kept lots of cards from my expupils, they are useful during the grey mid winter months!
    one nice comment was "you made maths intersting and fun, i used to hate it. Now i have been accepted to study A level"
    even better are the poorly spelt ones from the very weakest pupils who increased their confidence
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Who is interested in what they say? I got a great pi tie, a decent bottle of wine and some posh chocolates from my year 13s. That's what counts - things you can eat, drink or wear.

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