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on entry average

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lazydaisyflower, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. hello
    I have sent off my on entry data to our LEA but have now been asked by SMT what the average child should be doing at this point of the year. I have been assessing the child as they come in but I don't know of anywhere to get national on entry data info from - or if it even exists ! Can anyone help please ?! LD
  2. Inspecting the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance for inspectors September
    2008 (page19) "Reception - Attainment
    on entry to Reception at age four: most children are likely to demonstrate some
    of the elements of skill, knowledge and understanding within the development
    matters band for 40-60+ months, in addition to all of the elements in the
    preceding band for 30-50 months."
    Is this what you mean? It's what we use!

  3. If you ring the LEA where you sent your figures to, they should be able to give you the information.
  4. I guess a total score would be most useful, like a benchmark/ national average, I know what it is for the end of the year but not sure about on entry

  5. thanks for your replies, it's the points score they are looking for not age bands ! I have it in my head that they should be getting on average 3 points in each area on entry but have know idea where that idea came from or if it is an urban myth !!
  6. well I had the same thought!! BUT we then ended in a pickle because ours couldn't then make enough progress by the end of the year because we started them too high!!!!
  7. I assess my children by using the Birth-60 month grids when they first come into Reception. At the end of the first half term (Autumn 1) I then input my first data into the e-profile. I then update this every month or half term throughout the year. I also look back on to the birth-60 month grids to see if the gaps are being filled in.
    Is this any help? Does this sound OK to anyone as I have been unsure about baseline, etc?
  8. teacherof30

    teacherof30 New commenter

    I don't think there is national on entry data (not that I've found anyway) because it isn't a requirement to submit on entry data.

    If you work off the proviso that *most* children will be working somewhere between 1 and 3 points on the profile on entry (i.e. in the 30-50 band or just about to enter the 40-60 band) then that will be your average score.

    An average score of 3 points in each area on entry would be quite high IMO as it does not account for your lower ability children's influence on the average point score.

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