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On behalf of my Mum! Primary Teaching - England to Scotland

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by freyaella, May 11, 2011.

  1. freyaella

    freyaella New commenter

    My mum has been a Primary teacher (KS 1 and 2) in England for over 30 years and due to my father's job my parents may have to move to Aberdeen next year. My mum loves teaching but doesn't know whether she'll be able to teach in Scotland.
    On her behalf I've been trying to find out for her. Does anybody know anything about this situation? Obviously as she qualified in the 1970s she doesn't have a PGCE (I'm not sure what her actual qualification is, must be a BA or equivalent).
    I hope someone can shed some light!
  2. She'll have to contact the GTCS about registering but I don't see a huge issue. She's going to struggle to get work in Aberdeen though - jobs are scarce and hotly contested when they do appear. If she's serious she also need to get to grips with the Scottish Curriculum - the LTScotland website will be useful.
  3. Really? That would be a miracle if it was true!
  4. There *shouldn't* be an issue, but realistically speaking, I doubt she'll get any work. Maybe a bit of supply if she's lucky. She should be looking at the LTC Scotland website, not that it'll do her any good. Although obviously I wish her the best. Things up here are very grim for teachers just now. :-(
  5. If you have to know about CfE it has all the stuff you need. That CfE documentation is the *** offspring of idealistic waffle and blue-sky business jargon is a whole other can of worms...
  6. illegitimate offspring, then

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