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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lilypot, May 18, 2011.

  1. Cheers spider- I hope it is the remedy I've been waiting for.
  2. mrswallow

    mrswallow New commenter

    I've had a hiatus hernia for as long as I can remember, and have always suffered from acid reflux. Four years ago now, I was prescribed Omperazole and it is (IMHO!) absolutely brilliant. I found it started working almost striaght away and I don't have to be exactly 'on time' with each dose.
  3. Its brilliant stuff I also take it. I find it works within about half an hour.
  4. Thanks for your responses. Haven given it to LO this morning, there's been no improvement so far, but I guess it's not always as speedy with everyone. I will continue to give it to LO and see over the next few days how it goes. We have a follow up appointment next week which is good to know.
  5. lily- glad the doc listened and did something about it- hope it works!
  6. Doesn't seem to be working [​IMG] I am soooooooo fed up! Why can't she just eat like a normal baby?! She's miserable.... I'm miserable........ I just want to make it better for her - but just don't know what else I can do! Even if she was starving you'd think she eat through the pain - but she just gets upset and kicks her legs furiously.
  7. morning star

    morning star New commenter

    I have had 3 babies with reflux, 2 of whom had Omeprazole. I would say that it was the best of the reflux meds (also had ranitidine, gaviscon and domperidone) but it never stopped the vomiting although there did seem to be some improvement in the discomfort compared to before the meds.
    My 3 were all around 6 months when we saw some improvement (as they sit up, the refluxed milk doesn't get into the oesophagus so easily) but were all over a year before it was all over.
  8. If omeprazole isnt working then she doesnt have silent reflux. Believe me it is the best of the meds - the others do not touch my hb. If it isnt silent reflux then gaviscon will make everything worse as the milk is gloopy and harder for them to take. As I said before I didnt think my daughter had silent reflux either. Did you say that she has one good feed a day and the others are a problem?
  9. It might be worth posting on mumsnet to see if anyone has amy other ideas. I still personally would not persevere afyer the amount (an ounce or whatever) that she will take willingly is down. If she has belly ache then trying to get her to take more I think will make it worse and her anxious about feeding. Have you tried offering her a bottle evety 2 hpurs and just seeing if she will.take little and often?
  10. Thanks for your posts brettgirl - originally, the 7pm feed was the best - I could usually guarantee she'd eat then. THat is no longer the case - even this feed is a battle.
    I can hear what you're saying with this, but the problem is that if left, she cries out for food. It's a vicious circle that I can no longer cope with - I'm taking her to the Children's Hospital tomorrow so try and find an answer. I wonder if it is more serious - or something a Doctor cannot diagnose with a *** and a poke - e.g. hiatus hernia or something. I just have to do something.
  11. Hiatus hernia the omeprazole would solve. Hopefully they will find the answer for you.
  12. Thanks for the response brettgirl. Well, they think it is reflux so have increased her dose of Omeprazole and said give it a week. If no improvement, they'll refer her to the gastroenterology (?) team.
    On a slightly different note, TES kindly asterixed out the word p-r-o-d (I didn;t know it was so rude so apologies TES!)
  13. Fingers crossed for you. If the dose is too low it doesnt work.

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