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Oman - schools and packages

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Bythesea123, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Bythesea123

    Bythesea123 New commenter

    is there anyone who has an up to date knowledge of schools in Oman that would start a conversation with me?
    I’m in discussions with the head of a ‘global’ school that’s been open a couple of years about a post and would love to know if anyone is aware of the school.

    Also interested to know what would be a good package for a teacher with a spouse and two children. Thank you
  2. skvo

    skvo New commenter

    Oman is expensive, schools for local kids (like global) are rather dreadful, beauty of the country, in my opinion is very acquired taste. On the other hand it is safe, weather is great, younger kids are delightful, opera house and beach are on your doorstep.

    OMR 1500 a month might be just enough if housing is provided. But without travel and luxuries.
  3. mummalea

    mummalea New commenter

    I worked in the royal primary school in Seeb, near Muscat. Crazy organised, lovely people. Oman is a beautiful country - best Arabic nation I’ve worked in. Fabby expat lifestyle, geography to die for and easy access to other countries in the region. I’d go back in a heartbeat xx
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  4. khanadn

    khanadn New commenter

    I spent three wonderful years in Oman and overall really enjoyed the life, experience and school. The school where I worked, was in a well to do area of Muscat and an affluent Omani school and the kids on the whole where great. The school that you have mentioned- I recently had an interview for and subsequently had an offer. To be honest considering they charge one of the most expensive fees they don't seem to replicate with their packages for teachers. I would make sure that you have 100% school fees for your children, flights and medical care should also be included for your entire family- as you will find Oman is not a cheap country to live in if you have a family. It can also get boring no matter how active or big your social circle is as we found out. Hope that helps
    hitherejen likes this.
  5. mbuch

    mbuch New commenter

    Hello. Please can I ask if anyone has any information on the international school in oman that is now housed in 3 different sites, the original one being in Bowsher and the new one in Seeb. Is it a decent school to start with? Many thanks
  6. MsBuzy

    MsBuzy New commenter

    Profit driven organisation that just made around 25% of staff redundant- people who signed a contract in good faith in August were dumped in December.
    Poor pay, poor working conditions- do you want to work 10 hour days and Saturdays and be expected to teach over the Christmas period?
  7. hitherejen

    hitherejen New commenter

    I have just had a video interview with this group, expecting to hear more in a few days, really useful to hear some experience (although obviously no what I wanted to hear ☺). Any other info would be appreciated as, although it definitely sounds like one to avoid, I'm really attracted to Oman, and I know I might not get an ideal school for a first international post (9+ years experience).

    Interesting to consider - if contracts terminated, I'm going to guess that you are stuck finding your own way to fly back as they don't have any legal obligation towards you which can be enforced?
  8. InterC9

    InterC9 New commenter

    any news

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