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Oman school salary

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by backintoteaching, May 13, 2017.

  1. webrolls

    webrolls New commenter

    To take home 1100 OMR after tax and national insurance, which is £2148 as of this post, you'll have to be earning £34,600 gross salary source: ( https://www.income-tax.co.uk/after-tax/33000/ ). Therefore, they might have been right with the ad... I hope it helps ;)
  2. 34knockthedoor

    34knockthedoor New commenter

    1100 OMR is a terrible salary for an international teacher. I was offered a university ESL position a few months ago before I took up my present position in Oman and they were offering me 1350 OMR but they would deduct 350 for accommodation and something else leaving 1000 OMR. If a qualified international teacher only earns 100 OMR more than an ESL post in Oman, then this is terrible IMO. Teachers here in China who have worked in the ME (Qatar) said that they earned more money in the ME than China. Perhaps skyscraper Qatar pays more than beautiful Oman then does it? If teachers didn't accept these low salaries (1100 OMR) and (12000 in UAE I have heard) then schools would have to pay more money. While teachers are happy to go there for such money, the schools are happy to get away with paying them.
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  3. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Well, it was nearly five years ago that this overweight, smelly and wrinkled pachyderm left Qatar. Therefore I am probably a bit out of touch with the salaries in the ME. It was always the case that the salaries in Oman were a bit on the low side, compared to other places in the ME . Correct me if I am wrong, but perhaps there are even one or two taxes in Oman, whereas the rest of the ME does not seem to have those nasty things.

    Oman is a fascinating, exciting and beautiful place. Qatar isn't. Omanis are lovely, friendly, hospitable people, "the gentlefolk of the Gulf". The Qataris are not.
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  4. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    Well put. Likewise the Emirates and the Emiratis.
  5. peakdj

    peakdj New commenter

    Isn't it the other way round? Surely someone earning OMR and converting their salary to GBP will see more in GBP if sterling value weakens....
  6. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

  7. markus

    markus New commenter

    I have just been offered a teacher of science job in an international school in Oman for OMR 770 a month plus 450 omr. I have 9 years teaching experience plus PGCE and Masters in education. Benefits to be added include omr 300 accommodation, medical health. I am currently on 39k pounds. Am i getting a good deal
  8. AderynMelyn37

    AderynMelyn37 New commenter

    I was offered a job too and the package included OMR 775, plus 475. Similar to your really @markus. I am on U2 in the UK. I thought it was a good salary, especially as its tax free. I'm unsure of this is a good deal for Oman but personally I thought it was pretty good.
  9. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    ...and maybe they could learn mandarin, and go work in a CHINESE bank and help us speed up our international money transfers eh, @hippo? ;)
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  10. bead

    bead New commenter

    I'm glad to see, some teachers are still interested in money. Teaching is a PROFESSION, not a vocation. We should never undervalue ourselves. Too many people in teaching ignore the money that's why teacher salaries are so low compared to the same graduate salaries in industry. 20 years in industry around the world taught me that.
    This is the main reason teachers quit. As for the workload??? you can earn 3 times the salary working long hours in industry. That's why young teachers, especially in the STEM subjects are quitting en masse.
    If the British government doubled teachers salaries there would be no shortage of teachers.
    Dont accept rubbish wages especially for an overseas post where the school is a profit making company the same as HSBC.
  11. swsimp160

    swsimp160 Occasional commenter

    Whoever it is they are a pain in the rear
  12. englishdragon

    englishdragon Occasional commenter

    Frankly - only you can answer the question, is this a good salary?
    Build a spreadsheet, think about your lifestyle, needs and wants, do the calculations to compare now and future, and you will find your answer....
    Do your homework. But as others have stated, the hippo, there are many more considerations than just money
  13. desertestrella7

    desertestrella7 New commenter

  14. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    Its a decent salary. The living cost isn't as high as Qatar and I get the same salary. Oman is such a nice place and I would go for it myself with that salary. You can save around £1500 easily on that salary if you are single.
  15. ayesha29

    ayesha29 New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I am offered an IT teacher job(IGCSE and A Level) at a Private school in Muscat Oman.
    I have demanded a salary of 1700 Omani Riyal/ month that makes around $4500 .
    The school is however offering 1400 including accommodation.Accommodation will not be provided and they will pay the allowance.
    I am single.keeping the cost of living and arranging a car do you think i must agree on the offered salary.
  16. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    Oman and it's people are both beautiful and genuine. Unfortunately, the bait and SWITCHAROO old chestnut has been experienced by teachers all over the ME.

    For those who are new to the circuit or new to the ME. For 90% of establishments who once had that generous £2500-3000 mark for <5 years experience is definitely either long gone or can only be accessed by desparate schools needing "academic" subjects teachers. The 10% are your embassy schools who have no problems keeping thier generous salary tiers.

    You also need to factor in that these businesses have also taken into account the weak £ currency exchange. For example, eight years ago you needed 6QR/AED for buy £1 now its 4.8QR/AED. That's a min. 20% automatic increase. With Brexit mess it continues to go up in the ME's favour.

    Before being so dismissive of the "low" offer, do factor in the rent, tax and bills free these contracts WILL offer you.
  17. 1stSgtWelsh

    1stSgtWelsh New commenter

    Oman is a lovely country full of amazingly hospitable people. I know this first hand because I lived and worked there for two years. I was in Salalah. Having said that you are still living in the Gulf and that presents certain challenges, especially if you are single. Don't get me wrong, Oman is certainly not Kuwait or Saudi, but, it's still a very conservative country and, chances are, the local students you will be teaching will not astonish you with their work ethic.

    In regards to some of the wages that have been discussed here, I was earning comparable to that as a humble TEFLer three years ago. I'm sorry, but, if you are certified teacher then you are an accredited professional and you should be on much better package than some guy with a degree in Film Studies and a TEFL certificate. If you really want to experience Oman then, given the salaries offered, I'd probably do it as an EFL teacher at a university or college rather than at an international school. I've worked in secondary schools and universities and, if the pay is the same, then, personally, I'd choose the latter. Anyway, just my two cents.
  18. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Well, yes, of course married teachers have to think about their cash flow, especially if they have offspring. But Oman has never been one of the most profitable places on the international circuit. Even those places that are paying big bucks are doing so a bit less these days and competition for jobs at those schools can be quite intense.
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  19. 4019775

    4019775 New commenter

    Seems a really poor salary but not unusual for many international schools despite what some on here claim. Posters relating it to what I assume are state sector pay scales in England but any teacher worth their salt would not touch state sector in UK (unless you are some sort of social justice warrior). I am old school private in UK with responsibility for Oxbridge entrance in Maths (preparing for MAT exam and interview). 75% reduction in fees for junior to attend a world class school. Just short of 50K, over 1k a month joint contributions into teacher pension plus state pension. 6 months full pay then 6 months 50% if I got ill. 3 x salary life insurance if I die in service. School coach to and from work plus breakfast (if I want it) and wonderful school lunches (the puddings are amazing). The buildings and grounds stir the soul and I teach perfectly behaved kids who are the brightest of their generation. Senior management treat staff wonderfully, unlike the fraudsters running so many international "schools" for money. Why would anyone work in the ME for what they are paying you? Not knowing the salary in their own advert sums up the cowboys and con men involved with the circuit.
  20. Fiona8318

    Fiona8318 New commenter

    Unfortunately schools in Oman have become big business in the past 5 years. Majority are run for profit, ad therefore do not have the true interests of the child at heart. @ayesha29, that is a very good salary for Oman, if it is Muscat. There is a certain school which pays more but is an hour and a half outside of Muscat, double check the location of the school is my advice. Salaries generally range from 700 omr to 1500 for teachers, depending on school, subject and unfortunately, ethnicity or country of origin. This is not my opinion, but is a sad truth in a lot of schools in the ME.

    Oman is beautiful, the people are the friendliest in the middle east and if you like hiking and camping you will be in heaven Its perfectly safe for single females, if you are one, and amazing for families. Do your homework, ask to speak to a teacher in your department, join ISR (international School Reviews) it is invaluable,even if you need to take the reviews with a pinch of salt.

    PM me if you need more information.

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