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Oman for lady

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by NQTabroad, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. By the way I'm female as I hope was implied in my title. Though re reading its sounds like I'm going to Oman for a lady - woops [​IMG]
  2. The worst is trying to get transport....see below. Oman is a VERY conservative country as far as male and female interation in public is concerned. I've had a lot of approaches via online sites from not-so-subtle local males (Facebook, Couchsurfing etc.) Single females are somewhat of a rare commodity in Muscat....ask any expat male and they'll bemoan the lack! You will probably get more stares from the Indian labourers than the Omanis.
    There are two major, very modern malls, with Carrefours, one near where you will be. There are also smaller malls scattered about. There is also a souk (very far away from where you'll be) that mainly stocks Indian handcrafts in stalls owned by Indian men. The malls have many modern clothing chains like H & M, Monsoon, Mango and several others. Seeb is quite far out (close to the airport) and you'll be a long way from the various hot spots. There MAY be a Boots in Muscat City Centre, but even if there's not, there are plenty of places to get name brand (and not name brand) make up.
    That's about the dress code, though tight clothing is also frowned upon. Although you can wear what you like IN clubs and hotels, getting there is a little different. See below.
    This is the bane of my life. Taxis are plentiful, however you must negotiate the fare as the driver will try to rip you off. To be able to negotiate, you have to know exactly where you're going. And unless it's a major destination, the driver will not know where it is so you'll have to navigate. If you've never been there before, you've got a problem. Getting a taxi wearing hotel/bar clothing is also a problem as the drivers will try to chat you up and can be foul and insulting. I have had some disgusting experiences. Also, as you wait at the curb for a taxi, local males will curb-crawl, trying to pick you up.
    Your licence will be a problem. Even if you pass it before coming it will not be recognised (there's a rule about how long you have had it for) and you will have to take lessons and then pass your test. This will be very expensive and take a lot of time as a well-known graft will apply and you will be failed several times. If you are a nervous driver I do not recommend driving in Oman as the drivers are very, very, bad and the fatal accident statistics are horrendous. Google it.
    There are several ISPs with various packages. Fixed line and wireless are available. It's not exorbitant but it's not cheap. Skype is illegal and you can't even download it here. It's blocked. Some people get around this by using a VPN. Various cafe chains offer wi-fi.
    I don't know how it compares to Dubai, but the cost of living is quite expensive.
    There are frequent flights to Dubai - several a day. There is also a bus, but I've never taken it. There are planes to everywhere, so I'd imagine that there are flights to Abu Dhabi as well.

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