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Discussion in 'English' started by yelnats, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. I am about to introduce OMAM to my KS4 class, I really want to engage them as they are a difficult class,does anyone have any good ideas that are engaging but also show that they are learning.

    Please help

  2. Hi
    I usually read the opening of chapter 1 and get them to create character wheels for Lennie and George. One each for personality and appearance. I then read the setting and get them to draw the brush and label with quotes.
    Chapter 2 I get them to draw the bunkhouse and label with quotes and create character profiles for new characters
    Chapter 3: Focus on shooting Candy's dog and the idea of fate, etc.I also get them to write a newspaper article on the story of Lennie crushing Curley's hand.
    Chapter 4: Focus on Crook's character and the idea of segregation. Maybe a diary entry for him about everyone being in his room and how he felt. Focus on American dream also.
    Chapter 5: Death as a theme: The pup and Curley's wife. The idea of fate again. A role-play of this scene with possible alternative ending predictions is always good.
    Chapter 6: Focus on setting again and the American dream. Storyboard/revision cartoon strip of the book.

    Hope this helps
  3. leola

    leola New commenter

    I was once told to avoid the first page of OMAM and instead begin with the introduction of George and Lennie-it was good advoce in my view.We cam back to the Salinas setting later on when we could relate and link it to the novel.themes/hints etc.

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