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Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by discodiva, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hi just wondered if anyone has done a topic on this before? I teach P2 and after Easter we are going to do a mini topic on the Olympics. Am away to scout the web, but just wondered if anyone had used any good resources/websites?
    Thanks L x
  2. I teach P2 and we are doing it this term! We've learnt about our bodies and fitness and they've designed their own Olympics (for the P1s who will be doing it next week!) We'll now be doing some work on healthy eating.
  3. Hi, thanks very much! I was thinking about looking at the Olympic values too. Did you do that with your wee ones? Can I ask how they went about designing their own Olympics? x
  4. We looked at and discussed them but no more than a couple of lessons. There's lots of great stuff on their website. Designing their own Olympics we discussed what Olympic sports we could do in the gym and that they'd have to be individual sports. Looked at sports equipment available to and made a short list of 5 sports (running, jumping, throwing, gymnastics and relay). They then worked in 5 small groups to design their own activity -some managed this with less support/guidance than others. Then in gym sessions we went and did the activities and considered how we'd measure them (e.g. speed, distance, hitting targets, best performance for gymnastics). Tomorrow we'll be seeing how the P1s do! I think some of the P2s will find it hard to be helping/measuring rather than doing the activities.
  5. We ran the Olympics today -quite successful- and did a little follow up maths work making some simple graphs of their results.
    Was v. lucky that there were two 6 adults there as we both had PSAs in with us and there were two students in with the P1s who were both v. helpful.
  6. I'm also P2 doing Olympics after Easter, thanks for these ideas. If any one has any more please keep posting!
  7. You can take on the Gold Challenge and encourage the pupils to try a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports. A lot of schools are linking this into National School Sports Week or World Sports Day.

  8. Have you registered for the getset website which I thinkis set up by london2012? It has lots of resources and ideas on there (I think- I'm still waiting for registration to come through cause it isn't going to my email lol) My school are doing it with the older ones but I'm sure the resources can be adapted or there will be ones for the younger ones Emsbeth
  9. Hi!
    Thanks guys, great ideas. Yeah I have registered but not had anything back from them yet. xx
  10. There's a schools programme on about maths and sports (some of which are olympic sports). It was ok - this is a repeat from last term. Tuesday morning at 4am bbc2 for the KS1, Wednesday at 5am for the KS2. going_lala - I can send you a dvd in the post or next time we meet up (assuming you realise who I am!)

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