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Olympics-spitting it down into sub topics

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by khaseer, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Do you mean like colours (patterns of olymic circles, flags, team colours etc - could also link into a little PSED with skin colour ...)
    Maybe measuring - long, short, fast, slow, high, low, all comparitive, positonal language with stories such as hare and tortoise, dogger, Chinese new year ...
    Designing/teaching techniques for own things needed for sports - eg.g javelin (roll paper), shot put (scrunching), ribbons etc
    ceremonies - make own opening/closing ceremony
    Music linked to different nationalities - likes, dislikes, for dancing
    Can all go for an end product of holding own olympic with children having a role that has been visited in previous week.
    Hope that's useful
  2. First of all- thankyou khaseer, those ideas are lovely and they will definitely assist my medium term plan.[​IMG]
    What I was thinking wash how to break it down like I did for "ourselves" ie.
    week 1- My Five Senses
    week 2- body parts
    week 3 -our family

    I've struggled abit but now I am thinking I might focus on a country taking part in the Olympics every week and maybe a famous olympian from that country, and then maybe link in that way whilst also linking to olympic themed activities.
    ie.week 1-england, ben daly
    Any other suggestions welcome! :)
  3. * I meant Tom Daley for Team GB (I blame Christmas for my mistake)

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