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Olympics lesson resources/ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tange, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. tange

    tange New commenter

    Well... with just one year to go until the London 2012 Olympics has anybody found any good teaching resources/ideas?
    Tha Hamilton Trust resources look good and I have also found some lessons linked to the Lea Valley just type in google: Lea Valley & the 2012 Olympic Games lesson plan.ai.
    I have also registed with the London 2012 Get Set Network and there are some super resources on there.
    I am particularly looking for resources suitable for year 6. But we are also doing this as a whole school topic.
    Has anybody found anything good to share?
  2. Hi,

    Have you come across the Gold Challenge yet? It's a charity challenge - individuals/classes/year groups can sign up as teams and see who can cover 2012km first and raise the most money for charity.

    You can do it by running, walking, swimming, cycling, rowing and more.

  3. tange

    tange New commenter

    Ooops sorry, I have only just noticed your reply. Life has been quite hectic recently and I haven't been on here for a while.
    The Gold challenge looks great - I'm looking into it!
    Thank you.
  4. debbie4us

    debbie4us New commenter

    Great poetry interactive resources linked to 2012 games here. I will definitely be trying to include this in my plans as part of an art exhibition linked to the Olympics.
  5. MarilynDan

    MarilynDan New commenter

  6. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    HI Tango, I wrote this recently and am happy to share it. It is due for publication in Primary Maths next year (hence the THIS year reference in the text).You are very welcome to use and adapt any of it - some is suitable for year 6 I think.Hope it's useful.
    Sorry I don't know how to hyperiink in Chrome, so you'll have to cut and paste:
  7. runaway

    runaway New commenter

  8. Andrew Jeffrey

    Andrew Jeffrey New commenter

    Wow! Your Olympic draw powerpoint is fabulous, Runaway! Get it quick folks!
    (And no we've never met - I just liked it!)
  9. tange

    tange New commenter

    Oooh more replies! Thank you. I am going to have to keep a closer eye on my post.
    These are fantastic resources... thank you so so much. I am really looking forward to the build up to 2012.


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