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Olympic themed art week

Discussion in 'Primary' started by HyperBunny, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. HyperBunny

    HyperBunny New commenter

    Hi all,
    I am looking for some inspiration! I am having a massive 'art block' about what to do for arts week this year.. I know it will have a sporty feel due to the Olympics. My colleagues aren't willing to put as much effort into arts week as they would do a literacy/maths/science week - which is fair enough, but I would like to do as many whole school activities as I can.. whether it will be a whole school display in the hall (take one picture), a parade etc.
    Year 6 have already done moving pictures in the autumn term. I am open to all suggestions, however big, small or complicated!
    Thank you in advance xx
  2. HyperBunny

    HyperBunny New commenter

  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    If you don't mind buying a book, this one will give you lots of ideas.

  4. HyperBunny

    HyperBunny New commenter

    thanks! Very cheap too! :)
  5. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I know! It wasn't quite so cheap when I first looked at it, but I've just ordered it as well.

    I have the maths, literacy and science ones already.
  6. Chezz

    Chezz New commenter

    My Year 4 class will be doing clay relief sculptures.
  7. we are planning on doing large wire bodies covered in modroc all in shape of athletes -leaping, balancing, throwing etc - have made large masks this way in y3 with children working together but am excited about this new challenge! the Belair book has brilliant ideas too - really looking forward to it! Good luck!
  8. HyperBunny

    HyperBunny New commenter

    I had a little chat with my friends outside of teaching and they suggested these..
    - each year /class do their own opening ceremony dance
    - create Olympic song or own national anthem
    - design their own kit or hats
    - Olympic support banners (which can work with sports day and Olympic torch)
    - make art using sports equipment (paint on footballs/tennis balls then thrown at paper)
    -adverts and tickets for an event
    - create own Olympic sport
    - linked to healthy schools - what do Olympians eat
  9. moggycat

    moggycat New commenter

    You could get them to design/make their own medals for races.
    Design and make an olypic stadium: link into sciece an use electric circuit for lights etc.
    Design a mascot.
  10. james.

    james. New commenter

    Have a look at the work of Terry Rose, all sports based, good for drawing people and then creating chalk drawings on black paper. Inspiring work that children like.

    Or how about looking at the history of olympic posters, adverts, logos etc. The 2012 logo is very interesting in how it was designed, as well as the mascots, like them or not, the design that has gone into them and the detail of the mascots is great. It would make a fantastic study, then they can base their own designs/artwork on parts of their own life/town etc. and build up their own portfolio, or work.
  11. Rachel Whiteread has produced a very simple piece of artwork based on the olympic rings- good as a starting point for other pieces of abstract art using the 5 colours
  12. We're doing all sorts of mosaics. So flag mosaics of some of the countrys competeing and mosaic 3D athletes, then displaying them as a permenant thing outside.
  13. I'm doing some clay work with my KS2 class. We're going to make plates (or perhaps vase shapes for the more able) and then decorate them like Greek pottery, i.e. black figures. The figures are going to be olympic sporting silhouettes. This will run over a few art lessons.
    Am also doing London landmarks, patterns with olympic rings and possibly finger puppet mascots.
    Hope that helps :)
  14. HyperBunny

    HyperBunny New commenter

    There are some really great ideas here. We have already done our own schooly Olympic themed mascots, which the chn have really enjoyed doing. I will be looking into the go givers competition for sure.
    Thank you to everyone suggestion things, it's brilliant and so helpful! xx
  15. My class are producing sport themed sculptures using lollipop sticks. I got the idea from clickteaching.com.

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