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Olympic projects

Discussion in 'Music' started by clairelsheppard, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Anyone seen any good Olympic music ( secondary ) projects out there ? To fit in with overview SoW, I'm thinking National Anthems for yr7, fanfares for yr8 and a wider 'Olympic theme composition project' for yr 9. Am sure there must be stuff out there before I start reinveting the wheel !
  2. mrsemwc

    mrsemwc New commenter

    I haven't seen a huge amount myself. There is the opera website with some material on there not specific to the olympics. There is a scheme on musical contexts that is for year 9 but really sounds similar to your year 8 work it has been updated . There are some resources on musical futures as I think there is a specific competition that pupils can enter] around the general themes of the olympics (I will have to have a look for the link as I think I will be using this after Easter).


    I created a scheme around jingles where pupils created jingles on a confectionary product but that was for a special school which worked well. Other ideas I have had is song writing on the theme to fit in with above and creating music for different olympic events to introduce the different events and pupils create different pieces.

    http://www.musicalcontexts.co.uk/ (you do pay subscription but actually a very good site)

    but these are just my ideas
  3. mrsemwc

    mrsemwc New commenter

    after looking at your user name I have just recognised who you are so I think I'll shut up..

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