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Olympic Maths Ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lost_in_Space, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. I have decided that the last few weeks of summer term can always be a bit of a dead time so to link with the Olympics and inspire my pupils over the next few weeks I have decided to theme my maths work around the Olympics.

    Having found a great website on the TES with a PowerPoint to open my week.

    I can't find a great deal of useful worksheets etc so I have decided to create my own and throw them open to all by uploading them onto here, when I complete them.

    My ideas for the forthcoming weeks are:-

    Sorting numbers - creating a table of venues, winter summer. Added this on as I am using this tomorrow

    Simple Symmetry of flags of competing nations.

    Ordering finishers (Sorting with decimals, 1 to 2 dp's)

    Addition and subtraction of decimals.
    Using event finish times ect

    Data handling - Looking at world records
    UK medal tally

    Archery Scores - Mental Maths adding 3 numnbers in your head.

    Word problems...

    If anyone has got any good ideas on a Maths Olympic Theme please let me know and if I use them and make any worksheet etc I will post them for you all to use.
  2. Well the last few links have been downloaded a few times but no feedback on here or on the resources so I am not sure if I am wasting my time sharing them. Or maybe it is just end-of-year-itus.

    But for what it is worth here is my latest maths work on the Olympics.


    I would be greatful if anyone else has any maths olympic ideas I can pinch/imatate/use/adapt so I can make this last for a few weeks.

    My class enjoy Bev's powerpoint but were a little slow with the sorting venues not because they couldn't do it but they had the Monday morning blues...
  3. goign to have a look at resources in a mo but thanks for the ideas above. was thinking of more maths activities to include. So far have got a table of medals won by a particular country and looking at data handling - putting result into suitable graphs

  4. Thanks. i have downloaded them and they look great. Now I need to try them out.
  5. Ideas are great - I'm going to download them when I'm on the right computer. You're not wasting your time -I'm very grateful.
  6. H - data handling is defn. on the list - Next week I thinks was going to do...

    LAP's Bar graph Plotting UK Gold medals for all the Olympics.
    AAP's Line bar graph of the world / Olympic record for 100m, 1500m.

    May even go to the swimming pool and look at the 50m Freestyle.

    Though these would be interesting to look at.
  7. KrazyKat

    KrazyKat New commenter

    Those ideas and worksheets are fantastic! Will be using them next week. Thanks!
  8. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

    Oh boy, I'm on teaching rounds when the Olympics start, I'll do some hunting and post links here
  9. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

  10. hiya, thanks for these resources. I know it is cheeky, but please would it be possible to provide an answer sheet for the flag symmetry! After doing symmentry the other week, I have discovered I am so not visual and I know I will end up marking wrong!! (the poor kids!) !!! No worries if not. Sorry again id this seems cheeky, not intended too! x

    Thanks xxx
  11. ps, i am having a meet the class in a couple of weeks and think a theme around the olympic games would be great! x
  12. Added a ActivPrimary Flipchart for symmetry useful to kick off to the activity and I decided Venn diagrams needed a practise with my class as well.

    Can be used with ActiVoters.

    Ohhh also added an answer sheet, may have made a mistake as it is late.


  13. hiya, thanks for th answers, this is great. Thank you for all your time xxx

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