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Olympic ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lolo1, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. anyone out there doing anything on this summer's olympics?
  2. Hi

    yes I am! I posted a request for ideas for an assembly but to no avail :((

    I am starting to look at olympic websites and discussing the spirit of the olympics with my class, the oath and then doing extra pe with sports that are played at the olympics - football, tennis ,gym, etc. I am going to take photos of them playing

    Really not sure outside of PE what to do...ideas anyone???
  3. We are:
    Labelling maps of world with Olympic venues and a map of China
    Write a factfile of Bejiing
    Complete an Olympics timeline - why were there some missing - research

    Compare ancient and modern olympics using Venn diagram

    Draw logo - design a new one

    Make a comic about some Olympic mythical athletes

    P4C lesson - Should sport and politics intertwine?


    Write a rap for an opening ceremony
    Design an outfit

    Should disabled people be able to take part in Olympics rather than Paralympics - use South African athlete

    Design winners medals/wreaths

    Research a country - make flags for opening ceremony, include some cooking related to countries

    Design a travel brochure for Bejiing

    Research an Olympic athlete

    Design a new sport

    Design a mascot

    Hope some of these may be some help
  4. carriecat10

    carriecat10 Established commenter Community helper

  5. Combining maths and PE - measuring distances thrown,jumped etc. Looking at world record times/Guiness book of records.
    Geography of China/Greece.
    Chinese food, culture, language,
    pandas ?!
    Famous British Olympians - past and hopefuls eg Tom Daley
  6. Great link carriecat10
  7. thank you everyone, did find the olympic site one and the bejing site.

    anyone else doing anything?
  8. rachelplatt

    rachelplatt New commenter

    we are doing a whole school 'swifter, higher, stronger' topic in Sept with each class studying a different country. Also paralympic handover ceremony in sept so doing a big celebretion day. Will be doing planning later on in summer hols, but found this interesting website last week...


    Possibly topic afternoons with the blooms columns being worth different points and children choosing their own learning styles, and having to score so many points by completing activities??? Does this make sense???

    I'll try to post more info later...
  9. mychalkface

    mychalkface New commenter

    All FREE fun resources on the Olympics including a couple of 'potted facts' sheets:-

    in Special Projects at www.mychalkface.com
  10. Thanks for the resource ideas.Do you know where I could find a powerpoint containinglots of sports photos, please? (I've trawled lots of sites with the obvious keywords.)

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