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Olympic Humanities Day

Discussion in 'Primary' started by freshfield, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Am trying to organise the Geography side of this day. It will involve the whole school participating in a carousel of exciting activities! Apart from flag making and finding countries on a map, can anyone inspire me with something more exciting?
    Thank you
  2. Any ideas please!!
  3. Bogged down with planning!!!
    Just wondered if there are any inspiring geography ideas I could latch on to !!

    Thank you [​IMG]
  4. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    Not sure how exciting these ideas are but just a few ideas - guess it depends on the age of the children
    data handling related to population in the countries
    climate in the different countires
    time zones?? If its 10am here what time is it in ....?
    Look at how they travelled to the Olympics - what countries have they flown over

  5. CB123 - now you have started the ball rolling for me - great ideas - thank you.
    The day will involve a carousel of activities for the children to access throughout am/pm. Am planning for 4-11 year olds!!
    Thanks again everyone.
  6. You could take a look round the UK by following the Olympic Torch route..... Finding out about the different towns/counties or just pick one place - perhaps where ever it is on the day you do your activities - if that is possilbe
    You could find Greece, and map the journey of the torch before it comes to the UK....

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