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Olympic Events

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lightbulb100, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi- I'm just tentatively planning events based around the Olympics for the Summer term and was wondering what others are doing, especially around the 'World Sports Day' in June?
    So far, we have already had each year group taking part in a paralympic sport each month, have run monthly competitions based around Olympics/Paralympics and taken groups of children out on trips to watch live sporting events.
    Any ideas as to what you're up to would be great.
  2. Hi ya,

    Have you had a look at the Gold Challenge? You can link it up with World Sports Day and if you were to support a charity like United Through Sport or Right to Play your fundraising would directly impact children in other countries across the world. The charities are generally happy to get quite involved with their supporters and show you how the money is spent so you can literally see the legacy of the Games having an impact across the world.

  3. Thanks for this- what else are people getting up to?

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