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Oliver Script

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Shaney24, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Shaney24

    Shaney24 New commenter

    Just wondering whether anyone had a copy of the script that I could have a look at mainly so I can see which bits you included/missed out!
    Many thanks

  2. if you let me have an e mail - I will send you a script I have.
  3. Shaney24

    Shaney24 New commenter

    Thank you so much


  4. I don;t suppose i could have a copy could I?
  5. Could i have a copy to by any chance?
  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh I would be so grateful for a look pleasesssseeeeee!!!!

    thank you so much

  7. Please could you send me a copy of the Oliver script?

    Many thanks


  8. We really wanted to do this as a musical at Christmas with Y5 but i have saerched and not found anything suitable. Has anyone else?

  9. Shaney24

    Shaney24 New commenter

  10. please could you email me a copy of the oliver script. my email address is v.mcclennan@hotmail.com

    thanks very much

  11. Sorry to be the one who throws the dampner, but Oliver! the musical by Lionel Bart is under copyright, and it is illegal to use the script or any of the songs without paying for the copyright. It is available from MusicScope (no webpage, sorry) for around £250 for a not-for-profit performance.

    It really isn't worth trying to get round it, but if you plan to avoid the copyright, check with your Head first as it can have serious implications if you are caught.

    Most musicals are under copyright, and using any of the songs without permission is illegal. Some musicals are cheaper than others- 'Joseph' is only £35 for example.
  12. Having ust done this production in the Summer and having paid for the license, I didn't wanna be the party pooper who had to mention this, so thanks Little Tigger! I tried to look for alternative scripts, but after hours of searching, I gave in and admitted defeat. The Head said she was happy to pay for the copyright, instead of risking getting into trouble.
    The script you get from MusicScope is the full West End/Broadway version so will probably need a bit of editing. I cut certain scenes and missed out dialogue that wasn't essential. Got it down to just over an hour in the end.


  13. We are considering doing this aswell. If you do manage to get a copy please could you send me a copy. Thank you

  14. Hi, I'm thinking of doing oliver with my class. Would you possibly be able to send me a copy of the script to have a look at please. My email is hollie_dale624@hotmail.com Thank you
  15. I don't suppose you still have a copy of the Oliver script that i could use?
    Thank you
  16. i will never ever perform or do Oliver again. I have done it 3 times with children.
    the first time - my dad during the production
    the second time - my co-directors father died the day after we finished
    the last time - my wife's fsther died the day before it started
    i'm not supersticious - but bargepole and not touch it are words i would use if asked to do it again!
  17. claire83beddoe

    claire83beddoe New commenter

    Just wondering if anyone whohas adapted Oliver would be willing to email their script. Just want to have a look and see which scenes were cut out and how the dialogue was changed as I am planning on doing it with a drama group. Thanks claire.beddoe@hotmail.co.uk
  18. I have a copy of our adapted script on TES. Click on my name and it will take you to my resources.

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