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Discussion in 'English' started by adolphus6, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. 'Ouch'!
  2. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    You'll recover.
    On a slightly broader note, can you, or anyone else explain to me, how Oleanna comes under the umbrella of English Literature?
    Basically, does it encompass anything written in English?
    Perhaps if definitions were a bit tighter then you wouldn't be teaching ( / struggling with) an American work of Drama (or Theater) in English Literature classes.
    There's some stuff here (Drama teachers can be helpful).

  3. Is the National Theatre download still online? That sounds great.
  4. Cannot see it but if you Inbox me an email address, I will send you some stuff next week - are you doing WJEC?

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