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Oldham Pool-what to expect?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Bobitty, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Hiya, sorry I'm going to be no help whatsoever!!! I have an interview for the Oldham pool on thursday though, bit worried as it's come smack bang in the middle of a week of deadlines (I almost couldn't go as I have a compulsory aspect of my course on thursday) so I don't feel like I have time to prepare. But I just wanted to say good luck :) Hope it goes really well!
  2. Haha, gutted I didn't see this before I went!! I got asked some of those questions, and some different ones too! Yeah I found it really informal and friendly too, they were really lovely and encouraging. Sounds like yours went well? Not really sure mine did....I appear to have blanked on exactly what happened in the interview, but I think I rambled a lot arghhh!!! Eep, oh well, no point worrying about it now!! Let me know when you hear :)
  3. the self doubt has set in and I've thought of loads of things I could of said and can't remember what I did. i know i had a verbal splurge and just said anything to do with the question but not sure if it made much sense and now can't remember giving many personal examples...eek. will have to wait for 2 weeks with our fingers crossed.
  4. Try not to doubt yourself too much, theres nothing we can do now, so just try and forget about it until you get a letter! Also, don't worry my entire interview was a verbal splurge, felt like the questions were quite general, and some you could talk about anything....which I then preceded to do. No matter what it's good interview practice and I'm sure you did really well! Just try and forget about it till you hear, I bet it'll be sooner than 2 weeks though, reckon they're trying to cover their backs incase it does take longer!

  5. Have you heard yet? I've got a letter through saying I've got on. Phew. Don't know what number they gave me though, might ring up. Good luck for yours!
  6. Well done!! Also got on woo!! Oooh, good plan, do you reckon they'll tell you though?!!

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