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Older Literature: Year 5 Literacy Narrative

Discussion in 'Primary' started by 20336870, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. 20336870

    20336870 New commenter

    Hi for my topic in Spring term we are looking at our world and space.

    I was wondering if people thought it was suitable to study HG Wells: War of the Worlds for this Narrative unit in Literacy, or is this too old for year 5 Pupils? Also do people have any ideas of what I could do for this. I was thinking of writing their own scripts, rewriting the chapter of when they arrive - what may have happened instead, setting descriptions......

    Otherwise if you feel that this is too old for year 5 I was thinking of studying The Secret Garden, so please can you tell me if you feel that this is appropriate and some ideas.

    A huge Thankyou!
  2. Last time I taught this I combined it with film narrative and used ET - got some amazing writing from the whole class (especially the less enthusiastic boys).
  3. I think both of these would be hard going for an average year 5 class. I have used Alice in Wonderland with a top set year 5, but this didn't especially grab the boys. How about something like Oliver Twist or Frankenstein/Dracula?
  4. I have used Alice in Wonderland ( including the clips of the new film and both books) with year 5 and found that the children loved it. The boys were sucked in by the Bandersnatch and the Jabberworky.

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