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Old series on BBC - music, religion - 1980's

Discussion in 'Primary' started by QuestionsQuestions, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. QuestionsQuestions

    QuestionsQuestions New commenter

    This song (from my childhood) popped in to my head as I went to teach something.
    It was from a programme that used to be on in the 80's and had lots of singing/percussion and many songs about different religions. If you can remember the series, can you post the name?
    Or finish the rest of the songs for me?
    God said to Moses cross over, cross over, cross over,
    God said to Moses cross over, reach the Promised land.
    Moses stretched his hand out and dried up all the sea.
    Then the sea lay open and the Hebrews could be free.
    There was also a great one on Captain Cook:
    Captain Cook the sailor, spoke out one summer's day
    Let's all aboard the ship that's moored yonder Plymouth Bay
    Let's all aboard the Endeavour and whistle for a breeze, I'll sail with you my trusty crew, I'll sail the seven seas.

    Anchors away, anchor's away, away, away, we'll sail the seven seas.

    Thank you....I would love to get a copy of it on DVD.
  2. jubilada

    jubilada New commenter

    This was from a musical called All Aboard by Jim Parker. I recently sold my copy through TES - it was a great play. I also had a recording of the programme - I think it was Watch but can't be certain. Maybe the person who bought it will see your post..
  3. QuestionsQuestions

    QuestionsQuestions New commenter

    Thanks Lardylegs. Yes, tragic altogether! Pina colada sounds good.
  4. QuestionsQuestions

    QuestionsQuestions New commenter

    Thanks Jubilada! At least I'm not going mad, LOL.
    I have tried to find 'Watch' but can't. I remember we used to watch it instead of usual classwork, probably around 1987ish. I just thought it could be a nice resource to have, but was probably too much 'of the time'. Thank you!
  5. God said to Moses cross over, cross over, cross over,

    God said to Moses cross over, reach the Promised land.

    The Israealites crossed over and wondered at the sight

    God held back the water on the left hand and the right

    God said...

    Pharoah told his servants, 'Catch those Hebrew slaves.'

    But when the waters thundered back they all sank beneath the waves

    Gods said...

    There is 1 more verse which escapes me at the moment. It is a popular song with the children, I too am wondering where it came from, as, ideally I need to reference it

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