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Old National Whiteboard Network website

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Brenden, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. I downloaded the entire site shortly before it went down. I'll bookmark this thread and get back to you when I can.
  2. Can you give me more details about what section the file might be under?
  3. Hi Brenden, thanks for your response, it's so long since the site was online that I'm struggling to remember which section the Problem Solving materials would have been filed under. I don't think it was in the Autumn, Spring or Summer packages, but beyond that I could only guess that they would have been in the Maths section separate from the Unit Plans. Good luck with finding them and thanks once again [​IMG]
  4. canarytraveller that's fantastic! I hadn't realised you could still get at them. Thank you.
  5. Huge thanks canarytraveller, I too had no idea the site had been archived and was still accesible. Have been able to download the Problem Solving resources I was looking for. You are a major star!
  6. I've just found this site but Norton reports that it is crawling with viruses and other malicious threats ? Have you tried it lately ?

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