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old GCSE vs controlled assessment? a survey

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by denethta, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Hello everybody (especially: hello, German teachers from England!),
    I’m a former foreign language assistant from
    Austria and I am currently writing my thesis about the impact (backwash effect) of the
    German-GCSE. I’m especially interested in teachers' opinions on the
    introduction of controlled assessment and I pose the question, whether
    this will affect teaching positively or not (questions include whether there will be more or less rote
    learning than previously, and so on). I would very much appreciate it if
    German teachers who read this participate in my survey – it only takes
    10-15 minutes. It's only for people from England, because the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish systems are somewhat different. I am sorry if posting this here seems inappropriate, but I've read many interesting threads here in the past which deal with exactly the same problem, so I thought I might just try it. I've also read that some of you don't like it when university students post ill-constructed surveys, but as this is for a "Diplomarbeit" (more or less the equivalent of a master's thesis) and my mentor agreed with the design, I hope you don't disapprove of my posting!
    It only takes about 10-15 minutes (I checked the average time of the first 6 participants: 12,5 min) - but the more detailed the answers, the better, of course!
    password: germanteacher (this is just a technical necessity)
    Thank you very much in advance! If you need any help with German language specific issues, feel free to ask me, too!
  2. When you have finished your research, can you let us know your findings?
  3. Why do you think the Northern Irish system for example would be different? Surely it depends on the choice of examination board: AQA is AQA, no matter where your school is based.

    Just thinking you may be limiting the number of possible responses to your survey by only focussing on England...
  4. Dear
    assumption is based on Hodgson (2008), who states that „[​IMG]in international
    comparison, the UK
    is soften treated as a single unit of analysis. However, ‘home international
    comparison’ between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland reveals that
    countries which share important UK-wide feautures, such as labour markets and
    higher education institutions, can take different paths of development in the
    area of upper secondary education”. On the following pages, the Scottish ‘Higher
    Stills’ reform, the Welsh baccalaureate and the Northern Irish 11+ exam (which
    I know has been abolished) are briefly mentioned. To be honest, I have to rely
    on the literature and when it says you should not treat the UK as a single unit of analysis, I
    don’t, because I don’t know the systems myself and therefore can’t judge.

    If you are interested
    in my survey anyway – well, I don’t want to exclude you! If you want to
    participate, you could point out the similarities and differences of the
    English and Northern Irish education and qualifications system – this would be
    very interesting and you could especially use the last question (a very open
    one) to do so. However, I did not ask teachers from other parts of the UK, as analysis
    would become rather difficult and probably not focussed enough. My survey was actually also intended for quantitative
    analysis too, and in that case, I would have needed a homogenous sample. As I have “only”
    28 participants so far, I will go for the qualitative analysis, so that I am
    more able to include responses from a wider sample.
    I’ve got many pages of
    statements so far, and most of them share the same ideas, beliefs and concerns –
    very revealing. At this point: thanks to the many participants from this forum!

    To Petite
    Joueuse: yes, I will let you know. I can post my paper as a pdf-document as
    soon as it’s finished and handed in (in a few months) – it’s in German, by the
    way, as it is within the subject “German as a foreign/second language”. But I
    could also post a summary in English, if you prefer. Or both :)
  5. Sorry, B-K, your name seems to be censored! I did not do that! Just as the two square brackets to indicate a change in spelling became a light bulb...
    By the way, is it not possible to preview or edit your own posts?
  6. I'll better get a different user name...[​IMG].

  7. I agree, Northern Ireland should be included - schools here do English boards at times.

    Northern Ireland also has its own board CCEA (which, for the record, is harder than the English boards - just look at their specs)

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