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Old editions of textbooks

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Alec2005, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. If your reading list specifies a particular version, you should get it.
    However, don't buy every book on the list - only those which you will consult frequently on the course, and it's handy to have your own copy. Remember most textbooks are only essential for assignments, and provided you raid the library early enough, you don't need your own copy. And of course at this stage you don't know which books will be of more use generally than others. Try to speak to a recent graduate and ask for advice, or post a question here about recommendation of useful books for your subject and phase.
  2. I would agree with Alec2005 - my uni specified buying every single book on their reading list which was ridiculous given they were rarely, if ever, used beyond assignments. Your library will have plenty of copies of vital textbooks and even if not enough for everyone who wants one, placing holds is straightforward and you can usually get the book for long enough to make notes on anything essential.
    If you use any social netowrking sites, see if there are any pages relating to your college/course. Quite a few people I studied with asked questions of people who previously studied who can give useful advice on specific set texts and whether or not they're worth buying - we found out that some of the lecturers set books they'd actually written, which seemed fair enough until you realised there were other (potentially better) books on the market with similar information in them!
  3. The social networking site for my uni just has adverts on it. Has anyone just finished at Leicester uni and could help me?? I have 20 books and all specified recent editions

  4. It could just be a slightly out of date reading list, of course, if the new edition was published this summer. A good call, I'd say.

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