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old cards and memories

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon1369, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I'm in the middle of having a big clearout and have just come across loads of old birthday/christmas cards. I have always felt the 'need' to keep them - I get this from my mum who has boxes of them from over the years (as in she keeps <u>all</u> cards!) but I am also a hoarder [​IMG]
    Anyway I've decided to throw most of them away expect for ones that are sentimental or are from an important birthday (18th & 21st). As I was sorting through them I came across one off my nan for my 21st - I started crying when I read it as just 2 weeks later she passed away and so it's the last 'thing' i've got from her. She was very old when she died and had changed quite a lot by this point - the card reminded me about this as she 'signed' it using a term which I never ever called her. It's made me quite sad actually.
    Anyway what do you do with your cards? I feel guilty throwing them away!
  2. I do the same!!

    I have a huge amount of cards, collected over the past 10 years or so! Like you, I only keep ones which are of sentimental value - from my close family, or from significant celebrations (18th and 21st birthdays, A Level results, graduation, 1st job, even passing my driving test!!)

    My nana handmakes all of the cards she sends me, so these are extra special to me. I think they are lovely to keep and look back on. I keep them in a drawer in a special box which I use for keepsakes / memories. They don't take up that much room, especially considering they are so meaningful to me. I waste far more space on silly, insignificant things!
  3. And I understand why you would feel so sad when you see the last card you received from your grandmother. At least you have something very special to keep as a special memory!
  4. bnm


    I have a "memories" box in which I keep the really special stuff-the few letters my dad ever wrote to me, all the cards mr bnm has sent me, an old cuddly toy and a few other bits and pieces.
    I am an organised, clear shelves, minimalist type of person who regularly has good clear outs, but some things are special. So long as they stay tidy in their box!
  5. If you need the space, scan them onto your computer and chuck them. I had boxfuls of my mother and grandmother's china and ornaments, nothing I'd ever get out and use. I lined it all up and took photos of it.
  6. I have the last Easter card my beloved nana sent me two months before she died. It's filed with all the other admin in a concertina file in the wardrobe, and would never be thrown out. It's the only thing I have from her, because the ex Mr W wouldn't allow me any photos when I moved out. I've only got three or four photos of our daughter for the same reason.

    Think those photos and the admin file would be the only things I'd save if the house burnt down.

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