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Old and fed up!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by smarty757, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. I don't suppose this is a "New" topic. I guess I just need a moan.
    Background: mid-fifties, 12yrs experience, relocated 3 yrs ago and can only get supply. have done mostly longer term maternity covers. If I'm lucky enough to get an interview, I'm always really nervous if there's NQTs around, cos I know money is tight and they're so much cheaper.

    But this week I found myself against a new and invisible opponent - the internal candidate. Now I know it's meant to be an even playing field, but this candidate wasn't even at the interview and was not mentioned either. So, despite losing a day's agency pay, finding out that the NQT my agency was going to send had got a job the day before, lifted my hopes high. But to get a call from the agency the following day to say that I hadn't got the job and, worse, it had gone to someone I didn't even know existed, was totally confidence knocking.

    With so little time left, so little supply available because of masses of Cover Supervisors in school, I am seriously worried about how to make ends meet until October onwards when staff start to get stressed out and take time off.

    Anyone else feel undervalued and depressed like me?
  2. I can sympathise, as I am mid-fifties, made redundant two yearss ago. At least you are getting
    some supply; all I have had is a couple of weeks CA work in all that time. Supposedly, being physics, I was a sort after commodity, but nothing like it. I, too, feel devalued and demoralised; at our age you cannot get any work of any sort, let alone in education.
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Another over 50 here, who now hasn't been in a school for over a year. Not a single phone call re supply and even offering to go in to schools on a voluntary basis hasn'y yet yielded any success!
    I'm now applying for teaching assistant roles, which I won't mind if it keeps me in education, <u>but</u> it does seem a ridiculous system, which says I can't accept a lower rate of pay as a teacher, yet it's perfectly acceptable to work for minimum wage as a level 1 TA!
  4. I had only been teaching for 7 yrs, had just gone through threshold and was then made redundant. I'm now 50 and feel that my career has come to an end. I too have found it difficult to get supply work. I still need to pay off my student lone! I feel that our hands are tied - it is a ridiculous system - when we can't negotiate our salary. I used to be a nursery nurse and gave up my job to go become a teacher. What was the point??
  5. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    how long before your student loan gets cancelled, there is a cut off i guess, but am not sure how long.
    perhaps we have all been mugs and should just have lived on benefits for years instead of trying to "make a difference"
  6. Hi you could be me!!! very similiar to you, I completed GTP with mega promises, sadly torn up in shreds .I am now an 'older' NQT with out a job and realistically won't get one. I am on supply and have been lucky to have regular supply, teaching 3 days next week, which I didn't expect (am requested by name by 2 schools.)This is the first summer in many years I will not receive any pay, even though still have mortgage and all bills will still roll in. But, bottom line despite having a good degree and many years experince in education I can't magic a job. I am resigned to probably supplying until my 5 years period is up. Very sad and disappointed at how my career was ended before it started by broken promises.
  7. Just want to say that although things are clearly very difficult at the moment, it's not totally impossible to get a job.

  8. Gah, started this post and decided against it, but I seem to have accidentally posted the first line and can't delete it now!
    All I wanted to say is that the school I've been working at has just appointed a mature NQT to a full-time post. They've been doing a bit of day-to-day supply and some primary PPA cover in the two years since qualifying, and I imagine they were also despairing of getting a full-time job teaching their subject.

    Obviously this isn't that common, but it's good to know that it can happen. :)
  9. How cheering to read that and I wish them all the best. Its just that sometimes I have a 'poor me' day and I think today was one of them!
    Onwards and upwards and who knows what they future may hold. I have many things to be grateful for, but sometimes find it hard to see this. But, the sun has shone, the grass is cut, the house is clean and the computer hasn't crashed today![​IMG]
  10. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Regarding paying off your student loan, I read somewhere that if it was not paid off by the time you are 60 (or retirement age) it would be written off. This was mainly for those who did not earn enough to start or continue paying it. Does anyone know the correct ruling for this?
  11. I gather that students loans are bankruptcy proof. So, a good idea would be to shuffle money between 2 accounts and build up your creditworthiness, pay off your student loan and then declare yourself bankrupt!

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