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ok who's going on a 2011 diet!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by beckie99, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. ME!
    i was thinking of if you want to sign up (and the diet itself doesn't matter as thats personal choice but i am doing weight watchers) we could have monthly targets.
    right, well, i weighed myself this morning and i was 11 stone 5 pounds, now that's more than normal but for some reason i struggle to get under 11 stone. so that's my january target!
    Beckie99 - lose 6 pounds to get to 10 stone 13
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    It's kind of difficult because i'm 23 weeks pregnant, but I really want to get back into going to the gym and eating healthier, so I don't want to lose weight as such, just avoid putting too much on.
    I have a toddler, and have been so exhausted, I haven't been to the gym for ages, and now i'm kind of scared to go again. Silly, i know. And i'm a bit self-conscious of going to the gym with a huge bump! Although I went until 35 weeks pregnant last time.
    I haven't been eating as healthily as I should, and I need some encouragement to get back into it!
  3. congratulations chica, i'm not an expert at all but i think just gentle exercise like walking and swimming? sorry if thats a load of rubbish though lol
    maybe your target could be to have the baby lol (whens he or she due) then lose i don't know 10% of pregnancy weight in first month?
  4. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    We think it's a she and is due on April 30th.
    My son is 18 months old and before I was pregnant with him i'd been at the gym 5 times a week, had personal training, lost over 3 stone etc. I continued going about 4 times a week until I was 35 weeks pregnant with him, but I still put on weight which took me nearly a year to lose! I went back to the gym when he was 7 weeks old.
    They say you can continue doing whatever exercise you've already been doing, so I could go on the exercise machines at the gym, but obviously be more careful and not get my heartrate up too high.
    I have been walking when I can (i live by the sea, so it's a nice walk) but the weather's been pretty rubbish lately!
    I kind of wanted to get back into exercise now, because if I leave it another 4 months then I will be a huge whale and be miserable!
  5. Count me in!
    I definitely want to shape up in 2011. I’ve been very unimpressed with Christmas photos of me looking quite chubby in the face and body. I’m quite small so every extra pound is noticeable and I’m sooooo fed up of clothes not fitting as well as they should or not at all. I REALLY want to lose 1 stone and get under 9 stone by March. I also want to improve my general fitness and tone up.
    I think it would be really helpful to post on here as I’ve never purposefully lost weight before and I could do with inspiration and advice.
  6. MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
    Am waiting until third week of January to eat up all the Christmas excess, and am then back on Weightwatchers prior to joining a gym for six months.
    Present weight: 10st 7lb
    Target: 9st 2lb of firm(er) flesh, so I can get into the frock for Son1's wedding.
  7. You sound the same build as me Jo - count me in too!
  8. Me too! I am 5' 9" and 13st 5 which is horrible. I am going to reread my Anna Richardson Body Blitz book and aim to lose at least 14lbs by Easter.
  9. I am doing Operation Transformation and want to lose 2 stone by Easter then 1 further stone by my birthday (May).
    Will def keep updated- will need support and encouragemet and happy to offer same!
  10. http://www.7forallmankind.com/KIMMIE_STRAIGHT_LEG_IN_HEUREUX_BLUE/pd/c/5648/np/5648/p/4685.html
    My dad, bless him, has promised to buy me these jeans if I achieve my weight loss goal. They are my current motivation!!!

  11. I'm going to properly start on the 2nd Jan. My biggest vice is wine and I'm aiming for a vino free January to kick start the process. I need to get into a gym routine too and do regular cardio. I'm feeling positive and I'm sure together we can do it!!
    Happy New Year everyone xx
  12. PS. The jeans are lush Sparky! I don't really wear trousers as they just don't suit my shape. Want a skinny pair of black jeans when I reach my goal.

  13. I start tomor- and that for me means starting 2011 chocolate and sweet free. And cake free, and biscuit free etc...ugh feel sad already but must improve my health, fitness and body shape xx
  14. Can I join in? I am starting on Monday when I am back at work. My problem is my sweet tooth and total lack of exercise!
    I need to lose about a stone - haven't weighed myself today. And would like to lose 10lbs by half term but am going to set myself some shorter goals as well as that seem ages away.
    Good luck everyone and Happy New Year.
  15. lrw22

    lrw22 Senior commenter

    I'm in!!
    Don't want to lose loads of weight just want to feel healthy and for my clothes to fit comfortably again. Tired of constantly having to pull tops down because muffin top/love handles are making a bid for freedom out of my jeans! Have tried bigger jeans but they are too big, I'm sort of stuck between 2 sizes.
    First target is to beat my 10.30 sugar craving - so difficult in staffroom laden with biccies!!
  16. Me too!!! So so frustrating. Need new trousers for work but the usual size I go for are a bit on the tight side yet the next size up fall down [​IMG]
    The big thing for me and the OH is cutting out takeaways. Actually quite disgusted at the amount we spend on them each month.
  17. My problem is my sweet tooth and the evenings. I am usually quite good during the day but when I get home I just eat rubbish non stop! May be I should stop going home?!
    I am going to try really hard not to buy as many treats and biscuits and the kids will be better off for it as well! I am also going to try to do some exercies during a week - it's zero at the moment!
    I am also a mad weigher and am on and off the scales a few times a day and so I am going to try and resist doing that and not to be so impatient!
    Am 9st 4 at the mo which is a stone heavier than I am used to.
    Good luck everyone!
  18. w2s....Make sure you get lots of protein during the day, particularly at breakfast if you can. Avoid too many carbs at lunchtime. This should prevent the 'crash' after work that suddenly makes you want to eat everything sweet!
    As for the scales....step....away.... (once a week at MOST, always at the same time/day if possible)
  19. Thanks PFF. That's really helpful.
    I am going to start the day with poached egg on a slice of Nimble so that should do the job for breakfast and am going to ask my son to hide the scales every week so that I can only have them on a certain day!
  20. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I certainly need too, just don't know what sort of a plan to follow which will fit in with what I like and not make family cooking too hard. I get very faint and shaky if i don't eat enough and already do a kind of Gi thing to keep blood sugar level. I guess just cutting out all the baddies and increasing exercise will be a great start.

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