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ok so it's class sizes again

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by gracilus, May 23, 2007.

  1. ok, I'm getting so ticked off with this one. Next year we have graphics groups of 15 but product design of 23. I have raised the issue really rather forcefully but can anyone give me links to any 'official' guidance i can print off.
    ta muchly
  2. ok, I'm getting so ticked off with this one. Next year we have graphics groups of 15 but product design of 23. I have raised the issue really rather forcefully but can anyone give me links to any 'official' guidance i can print off.
    ta muchly
  3. I have been told any figures for class sizes are guidelines and that if you are given bigger groups that all you can do is point this out to the Head at which point if anything happens due to large class it is then his head on the chopping block. I am not sure how this will work in theory as I am sure there would be an arguement as to adequate classroom control. We currently have 24 for product design yet I believe county guidelines states less.
  4. We had this at my current school a couple of years ago. We basically did a formal letter to the head and head of governors with help from the union, pointing out our health and safety concerns (re: practical lessons) and informed them that we would not take responsibility for health and safety as we had expressed our concerns. They soon backed down.
  5. We now have groups of 25 in our Tech lessons - we have a new Art/Design and Technology block (well it was new 2 years ago). The rooms were designed for groups of 21 max - but the Head has said they are the largest rooms in the county and we can cope with 25 - it doesn't matter that in food all the practical work takes place in one half of the room!! The Art classes take tutor group sizes, ie 32/33! It really is about time that something came from Govt regarding this - or are they waiting for a really serious accident? I have split some of my practical groups in 2 - and (as in another posting) have been seriously criticised for this. Everyone seems to be passing the buck.
  6. re

    re New commenter

    The DATA guidelines say 20 max. Our new rooms have been designed for 24. When I pointed the disparity out i was told that the guidelines were not law. I suspect that we will soon be asked to squeeze in 25, then 26 etc...
  7. Is the problem about the room size or the supervision of large groups? This is now very common in lots of DT departments (we are incredibly expensive to run!)

    If you have the space, consider attracting more adults into the classrooms. GTP programme, PGCE students, industrial contacts, parents etc. Not everything we do is dangerous and many art/science colleagues would love to teach groups of only 25. Can Post 16 helpers be recuited? How are technicians used?

    With so much of the school budget soaked up by staffing any savings can make a massive difference. Can you use the savings argument to get more resources, particularly to support independent learning?

    If it is a space issue it is much harder. I often go into schools and see lots of wasted space taken up with bad housekeeping. Does it give you a lever for a refit/different furniture? This can be much cheaper than employing another teacher so use it to your benefit.

    At the end of the day you will need to make a decision on what is safe and not undertake activities which put either your students or yourself at risk. I suspect the days of half classes going into this subject are long gone for most of us. Look at it from the SMT viewpoint and ask if your results justify the high funding costs of this subject before jumping up and down too much.
  8. Just setting aside all the usual complaints about numbers ..... all very relevant and justified. When we speak of H&S it generally seems to relate it to physical safety (accidents) and less about associated other health risks. Taking large classes in practical subjects can be a high stress activity and I would have thought that the employers duty of care to its employees could be invoked. At least a test case ........ some negligence is easily tested but for someone with blood pressure problems (or not even) this has to be a high risk senario.
  9. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    What is the largest number of EBD pupils you would recommend for D&T and Food?
  10. I'm due to take a product design class- project being to design an electrical portable lighting unit- in september that will be 29 pupils in size!...have mentioned H&S on many, many occassions but they still shrug, shut the door and expect you do get on with it. Feel physically sick at the thought of the logistics that are going to have to go into my pending group when they undertake practical work. It's going to be hell. These '21 pupils in a practical' guidelines need to become law! and quick.
  11. re

    re New commenter

    I'm amazed you do lights - I try not to plug anything into the mains. On the other hand, useful testing and trialling for the evaluation could include a PAT test.
  12. I have 21 in the shelter group which includes several wheelchairs, a couple of epileptics and several who are just plain barking, bless them, they get so exited they squeal down the corridor, they really like to cook "normal" food as well, most turn their noses up at apple crumble and cheese and potato pie but this group love it
  13. The wattage of the bulbs we use is very low and the students themselves are not allowed to 'plug in' their final product to check in school- we do that for them- if it's ok, we remove the plug and they can take it home once assessed- plugless. It's usually a very good project and if students do not want to make an electrical lamp they do have the option to design a make a tea light holder. It's only the class sizes that make me gulp this year I'm afraid...
  14. Did this not jepordise your position. Would probably have to leave after doing this. I need to do this as subject leader in my current school, 33 in the class, 9 2seater tables and 9 cookers. But that last HOD left after starting this war years ago...and he was practically pushed out.
  15. One!!!!!!

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