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Ok, so got to end of term and no timetable for September?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by br0wnsugar, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. br0wnsugar

    br0wnsugar Occasional commenter

    What's that all about??

    Asked three times for it - nothing. Most other departments have theirs; Response has been that "whatever is seen today may change by September ." Still not seen.

    Suspect, due to budgets, we'll be teaching non specialist subjects (We are a core subject).
    Feel like the situation has shown a lack of trust/hesitant leadership for fear of backlash from possible disgruntled staff.

    Does not bode well for September morale??

    Why do department managers do this? Your thoughts, please, would be interesting.
  2. Skiver

    Skiver New commenter

    Why don't you ask your manager and frame it in a way that suggests your eager to help them out?
  3. br0wnsugar

    br0wnsugar Occasional commenter

    Okay, and this will achieve/prove..?? Help them out of what? If no one knows then how can anyone help. I speculated what the delay may have been..it isn't official. Puzzled so if you care to elaborate then I can understand your input.
  4. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    I think I'd be emailing the HT and asking (in a way that makes it clear it is not negotiable) that the INSET day(s) at the start of term in September are given over wholly to departmental time to allow all teachers to do the planning they would have done had the timetables been issued in a timely and professional fashion.

    (I'd add 'I am not the only member of staff who will be away from now until the beginning of September so will not be able to make any plans before then...' )
  5. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    I don't have mine.Sometimes I've had a timetable before September, sometimes I haven't. More often I do, but I've never assumed I would, or worried when I haven't
  6. br0wnsugar

    br0wnsugar Occasional commenter

    Fair point. I literally decided, earlier today, in the middle of writing a discreet email about the timetable, that I am no longer concerned about it and letting it go until the surprise come September.!! (I am often given the toughtest classes, huge behav man issues and classes where unruly students from other classes are put into mine to deal with...the normal day...No sweat, on the day of 36 degrees.....Best way really.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
    Piranha likes this.
  7. br0wnsugar

    br0wnsugar Occasional commenter

    This was my thought but then I decided that I will have to collaborate in the group planning on a skeletal basis and then wing my way through - no chance of knowing in advance so got to roll with the punches. I am going to have to be wholly unprofessional not being prepared in advance but adopt a telepathic mind of the LO and LTP of the first Autumn unit. Don't you just love the organisation of some departments? Happy Summer Holidays...that's my first current and manageable priority.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
    FrankWolley likes this.
  8. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter


    And I teach nursery, so they only have to timetable in about 3 specialist teacher lessons...everything else is me!
    Ahhh well...it's the holidays, so it matters not.
  9. Easyasabc

    Easyasabc Occasional commenter

    See Union.
    1 Your dept is being treated unfairly if other depts have their's
    2 How can you plan ?
    3 Why has no reason, communication or constructive approach being given?
    4 Send an email to the ht raising your concerns
    5 Someone has messed up and hopes that you will do nothing or expects you to not challenge the process as being unworkable and unfair
    6 Be measured, professional and supportive but still challenge calmly
    7 I would raise it with your lm urgently

    Good luck!

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