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ok so am i brave enough??????

Discussion in 'Personal' started by hazeymazey, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    I heard last night that the miserable nasty manipulative head I used to work for resigned yesterday on advice from her superiors. It's a very long story and worthy of press attention (she's had plenty already) but I won't detail atm. The question is - am I brave enough to call the school and ask?????
    *steeling self*

  2. Ask the school what?
  3. pussycat

    pussycat New commenter

    As above....
  4. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    sorry folks. If it's true. The rumour mill is at work.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I don't know what this thread is about.
  6. Is this an exercise in telepathy?
  7. Hi hazey.

    Buy Jove, yes phone them but use a fake accent and remember to make the sound of the pips if they start asking questions.
  8. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    i'll remember that Bauble. I was bullied and hounded at work a few years ago. the Head involved has been the subject of at least 5 grievances, 2 LA investigations and God knows what else. I heard yesterday that she had resigned so was trying to decide whether to call the school and ask directly if if was true. Thats all

  9. I'd ring them to find out. Ask for a teacher you were close to, not the office staff, who'll have been ordered to keep shtum
  10. Why does it matter ... have you not been able to move on
  11. It's hard to forgive and forget if you've been hurt. It's easy to say "move on"
  12. I did not say that

    I asked if the OP had been unable to
  13. Tone of voice is difficult to convey in writing, though.
  14. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    Oh yes i've 'moved on' of course. I've a new job, have done some travelling and have since had two wonderful children. I sometimes find the phrase 'move on' a bit too glib and easy to say. This woman has damaged a lot of lives and careers and I am glad that she is no longer able to do that. She had a no confidence vote by the entire staff and leaves on August 31st. Good news.
  15. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    We discussed this a couple of years ago, Hazey.
    Hopefully this news will help to give you some sort of closure and you can put the entire episode behind you.
    Hope all is well otherwise.
  16. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    Hi nomad. Indeed we did - you were very helpful and I thank you for that. It has given me a good feeling really to know that justice has been done. The sad thing is that so many children and adults have been failed in this matter. It's gone on for the last 6 years and will go on until current grievances are dealt with etc. I haven't really thought about the whole horrible episode for a long time but it's nice to know she can't continue to bully those around her.
  17. Would you care to name this school and the departing ***?
  18. anotherauntsally

    anotherauntsally Senior commenter

    Hazeymazey, I'm really pleased for you. It has to be a relief that it's finally over and you don't need to worry that damage is still being done.
    Of course it matters. Moving on doesn't necessarily remove the problem for those who are left behind, the worry about other possible casualties (children as well as adults as hazeymazey has explained) or the niggling feeling that you've abandoned them.
  19. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    Just what I was thinking aas. There is a sense of needing to see the right thing done not least for the children and adults who are still at the school, nevermind my having 'moved on'. My relief came a fairly long time ago when I stepped out of the situation and realised that the world is a big place and I got things into perspective with help and support from close friends - and some lovely supportive tessers. I also know i'm a good teacher no matter how she made me feel. I'll post a link as and when the details appear in the local press as I think they just might. I also feel now that i'd have had a very strong case against the LA in this matter but at the time my personal life was very unsettled and I couldn't deal with it at all. So while i've dealt personally with the issues from back then, it's nice to have some outside intervention at last.
  20. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    Make that call.
    Give them a ring and ask if Mrs ********* is there. If they say she no longer works at the school, you can burst into song in your very best Munchkin voice
    "Ha, Ha the Witch is gone, the Witch is gone, the Witch is gone
    Ha Ha the wicked Witch is gone!" [​IMG]

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