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Ok, I am going to say it- I hate Christmas and New Year!!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by cosmos, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. I get bored really easily with all the sitting around

    Lucky you! By the time I have finished planning, shopping, wrapping, decorating, posting, cooking, cleaning, washing up etc., I am glad to sit down. Oh, and walking the dog twice a day as well.
    I can only assume from your post that someone is doing all this for you. You don't have to participate in any of the commercial activities if you don't want to. Go to midnight mass, open your presents ( you do get presents ?) eat your roast dinner and go out for a good long walk then go home. It's all over. All hype and fuss is done by Boxing Day.
  2. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    My Mum lives an hour away, my two children and hour and an hour and a half away (all different directions) and my brother 4 hours away. I'd love for them all to be closer.
    Absolutely. But Christmas gives us all enough time off together to meet and spend quality time all together.

  3. S'pose it might be Ok but who chose to have it when it is so dark?
  4. I am looking forward to Christmas because on Thursday I will get to see my mum and dad, who live 3000 miles away, for the first time since August.
  5. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    How lovely. I hope you all have a fabulous time!
  6. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    All the sitting around is the best part of Christmas for me. We went to see friends yesterday and spent four hours at the table, chatting and laughing about this and that.
    I can understand very well that Christmas is a hard time for many people [it is for me] and wild horses couldn't drag me into an airport over the Christmas holidays, but I find it sad that people hate it on the grounds that sitting around with family is boring..

    Oh well.
  7. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    I am required to sit and wait whilst the sudoku, alphapuzzle and wordfit are completed. And woe betide me if I interrupt a train of thought!
    I find that boring. Sorry!
    And then we will probably watch something about barges together, I know they've seen it before because I'VE seen it there before.
    And so on... I won't bore you with it all.
  8. LittleBrownBear

    LittleBrownBear New commenter

    I never said I find sitting with family is boring- I said I love spending time with my family! I live 6 hrs from my parents and 2 hrs from my brother and sister, 3 hrs from extended family so I don't have the luxury of seeing my mum or sister twice a week or once a week for sunday dinner etc, although that would be my best Christmas present. I just find the whole commericalism of Christmas tinges it somewhat. I like the traditional values of Christmas- homemade presents, church, carols etc rather than the fact it starts in September and there is a lot of pressure on people.
  9. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Sorry I misunderstood you. I must say, we pay little attention to all the commercialism. It's not mandatory. We find that you can have a perfectly good traditional Christmas without all the ****.
  10. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Actually you did say that you hated the sitting around.
  11. Is there any reason you can't?
  12. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Same here. Christmas is what you make it. I enjoy buying gifts (not necessarily expensive) that I know the recipient will appreciate. I enjoy decorating the house. I enjoy cooking a lovely meal (albeit a glorified roast dinner) for everyone to enjoy together and I enjoy slobbing around afterwards. I enjoy spoiling my grown up babies with love and cuddles, and them spoiling me back with love and cuddles. In fact, the only bit I find really tedious is writing cards....sigh!
    I just wish my family lived closer so we could all get together more often.....but that's not going to happen [​IMG]
  13. Same here too. Well said Inky btw.
    No commercial **** in this house. I spent a very enjoyable hour or so yesterday gathering ivy and berries to make a wreath and decorate the house - with very little talent, but great fun.
    Clean house, nice smells, good food, good wine, silly games and long walks with those cosmos offspring that can come. That's all we need.
  14. sorry - but it is for me - as a nuclear family, we have our best times together when we're doing something - the theatre, a long walk, a cricket match whatever. we talk ourhind legs, and don't have much extra to say to each other at christmas - the lunch about takes care of that. i much preferred when the kids were little and we went out as a family all the time. now they are older and each have their own timetables, that doesn't work - too late for this year, but writing this makes me see i need to start re-inventing christmas
    still - i'll watch a film or something with the others, but i am a natural fidget, and mr p and the kids accept i will have something to whilst we watch, as will my own family - anyway, as i said, we tend to meet up when the mood suits and often for an occasion rather than a date
    my real problem is with mr p's family - there are a lot of them, and tbh i find most of them boring (so does he). they have little conversation (another run down of every single teacher in my neice and nephew's school, anyone?) and christmas involves a whole round of visiting and being visited. inky - i do it, and i do it with a good will because i know it's what they expect, but i can't make myself like it. and the knitting does make it easier
  15. Yes, it sounds like you need to re-invent Christmas. Will need your OH's assistance as it ought to involve not seeing his family too much! And by the sound of things, he might be agreeable to changing traditions if he finds his own family a bit boring. However, what ever you do is going to offend someone - seems like that's the nature of Christmas.
  16. LittleBrownBear

    LittleBrownBear New commenter

    Actually Inky (and cosmos), I was replying, if you had read it correctly, to the comment about not enjoying being with family which I corrected. I never said I didn't get bored as I do as I am a natural fidget- not because I hate my family. I find it difficult to sit still and watch a film without doing something else at the same time- knitting, reading etc (yes I do watch and read at the same time unless you would like to pick me up on that as well?).
  17. Thank you Belle :)

    I'm 26 yet I can honestly say that the feelings of excitement about seeing my parents remind me of how excited I got as a child putting a mince pie out for Santa!

  18. I said nothing about you hating your family! I was slightly sarky about your comment about disliking all the sitting around as I don't get the chance to do it - not on Christmas Day anyway.
    As to criticising you for reading while watching a film - give me a break.....I do it myself, who doesn't?
  19. Thank god it's not just me!
    I loathe christmas! The traditional, the modern, the commercialisation. Everything.
    I'd happily ignore it completely - in fact I did one year. Despite being with my a$$hole of an ex, I thoroughly enjoyed missing everything about it. No cards (ones I received were binned), no tree, no decorations, no presents, no food, no nothing. Just a pity I'd had to put up with it all for the 3 months before. Wish I could afford to go away every year.
    I'm an only child from 2 only children. My mum remarried, so I have a step brother and step sister with associated step nieces and nephews. I feel no emotional connection to them, but a financial obligation to buy for them.
    I see my parents umpteen times a week, I don't need Christmas to see them or buy things for them that I think they would like (or them me). I can do that any day of the year.
    My o/h likes christmas and we have to do the family stuff for him. I hate it. I hate having to be happy and cheery and polite when all I want to do is climb under the duvet and hibernate until January.
    TV is rubbish, weather is rubbish.
    The only thing I'm looking forward to this year is the dog opening his presents. Even then he'll make a bloody mess that I'll have to tidy up.

    Oh, bah humbug.

  20. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    What on earth does this mean?

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