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ohh a tricky one!!!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by laura080269, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. This is,as I mentioned earlier, tricky!
    I cover PPA 2 afternoons in Foundation. One of my best friends is the TA in there. She also covers PPA in2 other Foundation classes, one of which I am the TA in-confused yet?!Effectivley we both cover PPA 2 afternoons a week in Foundation, I have 2 PPA's in one class cos the teacher is an NQT. When I am covering PPA my dear friend and very good TA just takes over..reads the story, buts in all the time and contradicts me constantly. I really enjoy my PPA afternoons, it is a chance to read a story,swap news or just feel like after 11 years of being a TA I have reached my pinnacle!!!And I find it so unsettling to have my friend(and the class TA)steal my much longed for thunder...for want of a better word ( to all those who really dont agree with me covering PPA).
    I don't...and am not permitted, to take over when my dear friend takes PPA in my class...so I just don't get it. What can I do to sort this out and not cause upset for her?
    Any ideas...on a postcard..or on here would be happily read and digested!
    Thanxs :eek:)x
  2. Oh but you must but in when she is teaching. It is the only way she will see what she is doing. Another way is when she buts in next time, get up and give her your seat and ask her to take over. I bet she really doesnt realise what she is doing. You could have a quiet word with her.

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