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Oh ****

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by anon3407, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Am currently doing a three week stint covering a teacher who's off recovering from an operation. Am actually quite enjoying it so far. The staff are friendly, the kids are generally well behaved (a little chatty, but nothing too major) and it is actually me teaching my subject (and RE) which is great!

    Only thing is, today it was announced that in two weeks time (so I will still be in the school) the dept are having a 'curriculum review' or something, basically a 'practice OFSTED'. The HoD tried to get it pushed back so it's for when the normal class teacher is back, esp as the other teachers are covering her year 11s whilst I'm taking their KS3, but to no avail. Am now slightly panicking, esp as I also have two interview lessons to prepare!
  2. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Eeps! With luck you can avoid it with being 'the supply', I've been able to avoid all such things in the schools I've done long term supply in because I'm 'the supply', have a chat with the HoD and see what they say about you being observed or not.
  3. Perey

    Perey New commenter

    You would hope you get to avoid it as I imagine the HoD will be busy enough but if you don't, then just try to look at it as an opportunity? Of course it might stressful but it's always good to spend a little time thinking more about a particular lesson and it'll give you a chance for them to see you teach (and to impress them)! As supply teachers we are often put in classes and then become invisible, they don't ever really see us actually teach.
    Try and relax, sort out what you're going to do, talk to the other staff, and show them what can do! Good luck!

  4. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    If its an internal inspection and you are only there for a short time I cannot see the point of you being included within it since its unlikely you will be there for the real inspection.
    But schools do do some funny things and its wise to be cautious. As others have said check with your HOD to find out if you will be included and if you are treat it as a learning experience.
    You might pick up some useful tips for those interview lessons.
  5. I've already been asked today if I can give up some of my frees (as I have double the amount of a normal teacher in the space of the two week timetable due to lessons having been swapped around) to help put up some displays and things. Although, TBH I think I'd prefer to be doing that in my free time (as I have no planning to do really) then be asked to cover a random lesson (in my free period on Tuesday I had to go and cover business studies, which I know nothing about).

    The impression I got yesterday (just after this had been announced) was that I would be observed, but probably only once. However, the HoD had a meeting with a member of SLT today so I will double check where I stand on Monday. Of course, I'll use this as a learning experience.

    Only slight panic now is that I've successfully left my pencil case (containing memory stick) somewhere. I'm PRAYING it's on my desk in school, but have already redone a lesson power point for my interview on Tuesday just in case the pencil case has gone for a major walk about! SILLY ME.

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