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Oh! What a beautiful morning?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by albertdog, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. The phone rang at about half past seven, "could I get to Kennington by 8:30?". Thinking to myself that things seemed to be looking up at last, I accepted and got on my way. When I emerged from the Oval tube station, I saw that I had a 'missed message' on my mobile. The school had cancelled the job! To be fair, the message was timed at 8:15, but since I was underground, there was no mobile signal.
    I hung around, hoping that the agency would come up with something else, and to wait until after 9:30, when the rush-hour fares stop, but nothing. So, I am down by about £7.
    I have just got back, and thought I would share thids rant with you all.
  2. Oh I would be very ****** off were that to happen to me. Hard enough to come by work as it is, much less being £7 out of pocket. Long shot but perhaps ask the agency to give you a higher rate (maybe an extra fiver) for your next job? One of the agencies I'm with wanted me to go to a school that was REALLY far away (took me two hours to get there on transport in the end), and I was iffing and butting and the agent said he increase my rate by a fiver for the day to cover my travel expenses (it didn't but the gesture was made I guess). I actually think that they had a teacher doing cover at the school who didn't want to go back the following day, so they cancelled the original job they booked me for (by obviously telling me that THAT school no longer needed supply) and asked me to go to this other school.
    At the moment I am only taking pre-bookings so am having minmal experiences of jobs getting cancelled.
    I am kind of tired of going into schools and having to just basically contain a class all day. I am pretty bored of the whole play-up-because-my-real-teacher-isn't-here mindset. My own shortcomings as a practitioner? Possibly. Children can't cope with a disruption to their routine? Possibly. Either way am just fed up.
  3. 'minimal'

    Or rather, 'a minimal amount'

    TES. Time to provide an edit function.

  4. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    Never had this happen to me before but it did this morning around 9, 'someones not turned up please will you go to ......' I get there and there''s a 'sorry they've just arrived' on my phone. Thankfully not too far away but with morning traffic it took twice as long to get there as it did to get back.
    Well since I'm dressed, what shall I do with myself today?
  5. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I am getting to the stage that I am struggling to get up at 6.30, because I am saying what is the point of making the effort, when there will be no call.
  6. Since September, I have only had seven morning calls (I know this for certain, as I put them down on my calender, it is such a rare event), NONE of which has developed into a single day of work, for which I have subsequently been paid. One of them left me out of pocket, paying for unecessary journeys.
  7. [​IMG]
    It has happened again! I got a booking last night; yippee, I thought. Got on the tube this morning, had just settled down with the Metro, and my mobile phone rang. You can guess the rest of the story.
    I suppose it could have been worse: the train was still overground, so I could get a signal for the phone. At least I could get off at the next stop, but I am still £6 down, as the Oyster system does not seem to be able to cope with someone returning to the station of departure.
  8. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Oh, albertdog! Frustration! Frustration! [​IMG] We weep with you.
  9. Thank you!
  10. Thank you, Lara
  11. I feel for you on that one. At the beginning of this school year two of the agencies that I'm with suggested that I travelled in to central London, so that I could get to school bookings quicker. I only lived 30 mins from central.
    Needless to say after two weeks of getting up at 06:00, to be in central for 7 ish. I only went to work twice. Going home at 08:30 without having been to work was awful.
    Sympathy and undrestanding goes out to all of you suffering from the effects of supply work. My one term fixed supply role ends in three weeks, oh no!!
  12. Historygrump. i wonder if the agency to which you are referring is AER (or something like that), based in Hammersmith. I joined up with them in October, and they suggested that it would be easier for them to find me if I went to a location they selected and they looked for work for me within that area. They suggested Hammersmith, Baker Street etc. I did it for a week, but nothing came of it, so i gave up. Each day meant paying full, rush hour fare on the tube, and then having to wait around until 9:30 to get the standard fare on the way home. I was wasting about £7 - 8 a day for nothing!

  13. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I am North West/Manchester based, I have had a lucky week so far I have had a day in West Yorkshire. that makes a totla work in around 3 weeks of 2 days, all last minute calls. There is no way I would do what you have to do, it is a shocking state of affairs, when an agency asks you to do that. What I find incredible is the Department of Education emailed a reply to me that in inner London schools are forced to recruit unqualified staff for teaching roles due to the shortage of teachers in London. I wonder and question the future of me continuing in teaching, do the dire work situation.
  14. I think it might be true that the supposed 'shortage' of teachers in Inner London is used as a justification for using unqualified and therefore cheaper people. However, from my person experience, and that of many here, there is no shortage of teachers in London at all. I do not wish to sound smug but if maths and physcial science teachers cannot get work, after nealry ten months, who can?
  15. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    I'd tell them you want some compensation for every false offer of work. Maybe £10 to cover costs?
  16. Only two days work out of the four that I have done have worked through to the point of cash going into my current account.
  17. Not such a bad one today! My mobile rang at about a quarter to eight. When i answered it was Prospero, but they had got the wrong person. What they wanted was not my subject and certainly not my geographical area.
  18. Today is the last straw![​IMG]. Got a booking yesterday from an agency wanting someone who can teach A level maths. Fine, so of I went. On the tube by 6:20 (peak rate does not start until 6:30), long journey to school in the south of Lambeth. On arrival, I was told that they had ordered a geography teacher, as they had some sort of assessment. I contacted the agency, who were apologetic, saying that they had mixed up the bookings. The school wanting the chemist was too far away, so the agency said it would look for something else for me, advising me to go and have a coffee somewhere. Sat in Pratt-a-manger for a while and then had a wander round, but nothing from the agency. Eventually, I phoned them back myself and had a go at them, demanding that they at least pay back my travelling expenses: again, profuse apologies but nothing else.
    So, £5:40 out of pocket, I went home.
  19. Unbelievable. In future, perhaps you could phone the cover manager at the school and confirm that they are expecting you? They should have been able to confirm the booking as you were pre-booked to cover a specific subject.
  20. A good idea but agencies only tend to phone you in the early evening, after the school has closed. To get to the school on time, I have to leave well before there would be anyone there.

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