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Oh my goodness...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jamezium, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. It is difficult starting halfway through the year as an NQT.
    Spend a couple of days just establishing rules and regulations and enforcing them. They need to know your routines as these will be different to what they have had for the rest of the year.
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Heyyy don't be upset. You seem to have done all the right things.

    You asked for help from senior staff, brilliant don't ever stop doing that. The teacher next door to me had to do the same thing for his class today and he is head of year 5/6 and been in that class since Sept. Sometimes you just have to. Maybe ask the DH to be there first thing tomorrow while you get them settled, just so the class know he is on your side and that you are taking no nonsense.

    You also seem to have colleagues who will support you by walking with you down corridors and such like. Pre-empt this next assembly and ask those same colleagues to be in the corridor just to glare at any children starting to get out of hand. They will respect you more for asking for support than for letting it all go unchecked.

    Hopefully you were in tears with a colleague and not alone. Do go and find your mentor if you want to cry. They won't magically know things are tough, you need to tell them.

    If you can think of things you want to do differently tomorrow then plan them and almost practise them in your head. Sounds weird, but it works.

    Lastly think of the things that did go well today. There will have been some things, just concentrate on those. Write them on here to remind yourself what they were.

    It will get better!
  3. Thats so sad! Don't worry tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow morning when class are settled explain clearly what your expectations for behaviour are and what the consequences will be for poor behaviour.

    Make sure you try and catch the children who are behaving and learning well and comment on this. All children like to be praised. May be a good idea to have a line order for lining up. I also find having line managers work well. You appoint several children in the class to make sure the line is moving quietly and to let you know the children who are chatting- employing some of the disruptive children as line managers really works- you will be amazed.

    All I can say is Prasie, Praise, Praise tomorrow and see how it goes. You can do it!!!
  4. Dont worry! It can only get better - be srtong and firm, make sure your rules are explicit and you clearly set your stall out for them - follow through on any sanctions you may use and let them know who is boss - they WILL try it on and push your buttons - that's their job! [​IMG]
    New day tomorrow, fresh start, don't bare any grudges and move on!!! It will all come together! x
  5. Just a little tip for letting them line up. Give them all a number. Keep friends away from each other or line up boy girl. Call 4 - 5 children at a time to line up. If any one talks then sit them back down. Each time you have to sit down take 2 minutes off their break.
    To be honest you might need to be a real *** this week to let them know you mean business!

  6. You need to have very clear expectations, rewards and sanctions. Go in really tough.
    I agree with the above poster regarding lining up. Keep going until they can do it properly. If that means spending a whole playtime practising how to line up then so be it.
  7. Don't feel disheartend. I still have bad days when my class are climbing the walls and I've been teaching since 1997 !.
    I have an aseembly line and my kids understand where they need to be. They sometimes try it on down the corridor even now ! I just send them back where they need to be.
    You must also remember this is the first day back after a break and many classes will have been hard work today !.
    They are trying to push boundaries like any class does with any new teacher - just ask a supply how hard it can be. It is not because you are an NQT, it is because you are new. Actually, this may sound daft, but actually having a tough first day has given you a clearer insight into the class. You haven't been given a honey moon period when you might have been lulled into thinking they were fine and then left fighting with them next term.
    First remember you are now a "proper" teacher and where chosen for the job.
    They are just children and have no superior power. They have no right to dictate how you run the class. You are not their friend and are not there to be liked but to teach.
    Tomorrow, be firmer, be horrible if need be.
    Move the furniture around and change seating plans. Do this before they come in.
    Move the children to sit with new people and ignore the kids who protest.
    Set very firm rules and stick to them. Ask them to be quiet and the wait. You could say "Jack is sitting quietly ready for me to start, I can see Ethan almost ready etc. Do not start the lesson until they are all quiet. Forget what observers are thinking. They will think worse if you start a lesson with children who are clearly not listening !.
    Forget about what lessons are being finished and how much is in books. Get them listening first and if you have lessons just waiting for everyone to be quiet then so be it.
  8. Also do carry out threats. If you have said you are sending for the Head, then send for them. Don't give a second chance if you have said a child is to miss break then they must miss it.
    Make sure that they understand they they have chosen to miss break as they chose not to follow your rules when you told them what they were.
  9. Thank you so much for all your comments, today has been hard but not in tears tonight
    had absolutely no time to myself as to all who stayed in at dinner but I'm getting there with them

    you guys really helped last night

    thank you
    Miss H
  10. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Good to hear you had a better day. Make sure you keep yourself well and rested - it's easier to cope with the trials and tribulations then!
    You can have another hug for getting through today! [​IMG]
  11. ok third day over with this class and still surviving!
    not been in tears since Monday
    Today has also been hard and had pupils in at break and dinner again
    and some pupils were removed from the classroom - not my decision - the learning mentor came in at one point, saw the behaviour and took two boys out the class, and they were in a different class all day
    the deputy head told me this morning that one boy was not allowed in the classroom all day so I was left alone with no Ta today.
    I'm just wondering, am I relying on the deputy and the learning mentor too much, or should I just keep doing what I'm doing and plod along?
    so exhausted after only 3 days :(
  12. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    To the OP, i think you need to take that first day as a pinch of salt. Of course they are testing you and seeing what they can get away with! They always will, (I did it myself at school) and this is your opportunity to stand your ground and show what you will, and won't put up with. (And you must do that!!!!!!!)

    I started at a class in January of last year, and they were horrendous. I don't think i even smiled at them until i'd had them for 2 terms. I had to be really strict or they would really take advantage, and I still don't feel I got a proper lid on them! But good luck, it's not always this poo and don't let it get you down :)
  13. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    P.s - i quoted PFF then some how deleted my response. I agree fully with her post, there is a class at my school just like that. Just be thankful you won't have them when they're hormonal teenagers lol.
  14. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Hi Missh27
    Glad that you have got through your 3rd day. As I've said before, remember you took on a class that already had a reputation for being difficult, so don't lay all the blame on yourself. I don't think the DH or your learning mentor will feel at this stage that you are relying on them too much. It is your mentor's role to make sure you are fully supported and they will soon discuss with you if they have any concerns about you.
    I'm more worried about you feeling exhausted. <u>Please</u> try to get some rest this evening and a good night's sleep - you really do need to be on good form to enable you to cope.
    Use ready made resources as much as possible - don't reinvent the wheel.
    Try to do work that can be peer marked or doesn't need detailed marking by you so that you are not spending all evening marking.
    Say yes to any help that is offered.
    Take care - have yet another hug [​IMG]
  15. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    No keep going with what you are. Rely on them as much as the children's behaviour needs you to do so. It is better if you send for one of them to remove a child, than they come and see poor behaviour and remove someone.

    Hang in there, it will get better. Keep keeping them in and sending for senior staff. You can hold out longer than them.
  16. thank you for your messages

    bedtime for me

    see what tomorrow brings

    Miss H
  17. Ok so fourth day over

    felt it went better today, they are listening to me and getting used to how I work

    Still had one boy who has not been allowed back into class yet,
    the children are getting the message, they cannot mess about and get away with it

    I don't feel drained and exhausted today :)

    and i have all morning off tomorrow so only half a day left with them and thats it for my first week

    thanks for all the advice and support

    Miss H
  18. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Yeahhhh well done you! that sounds brilliant. Bet the staff at your school are thrilled to have a teacher doing so well with a tricky class.

    !/2 day and then the weekend. Relax totally with no work for at least one of the weekend days.
  19. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    So pleased to hear you have had a better day! I think you have done really well to make such good progress with the class in such a short time.
    Make the most of your time off in school in the morning so that you can take home very little to do over the weekend.
    My usual message: Take care of yourself!
    Smiles today [​IMG] You are a star [*]
  20. Well, your first week is almost over !. It will get better from here. [​IMG]

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