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Oh dear

Discussion in 'Personal' started by yapyap, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. I am sure you meant well with this post, however, if it were that simple i.e. making a plan and carrying out then all would be solve-ed (said in a Clouseau accent). Getting up can be a major expedition by itself let alone more than that.
  2. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    This weather really doesn't help matters. I haven't worked for over a week (supply) and have had a horrendous bug which has left me with no energy and sinus blockages. I can feel that i am cracking up - miserable, reading very late and then waking late, moody,anxious etc. I am crafting like a mad thing to stay busy but am slowly going potty. Love to all who are feeling the pressure at the moment.
  3. Hope everyone is having a goodish day today, I've decided, I'm off to my mothers with the vague intention of watching the whole of Downton Abbey with her and making a rug over the course of the next week or so. Should be distracting at any rate - and she has no net connection, so can't check the school email every five and a half minutes!
    It turns out they're fitting a kitchen upstairs, which puts the noises in perspective!
    Thank you all for the support it is really needed - and as soon as I get out of the dressing gown, I'll go for that walk - I hope we all find something!
    Leatherpatches lovely - I completely see what you mean, I do, one of the reasons I find it so odd being off. But you have clearly never been here. The thing is, you are focusing on the low self esteem thing, important I grant you, but firstly you hvae to consider the inability to focus and the sheer volume of physical pain required to do the simplest things. If I was able to simply do tasks one after the other like that, I'd probably be at work. As it is, it has taken me since yesterday afternoon to plan and write this gibberish. Not quite so simple, but thank you for your good wishes!
  4. Leatherpatches, I don't think "just going back to work" is an option when you've been signed off with depression. I think there might be an insurance issue.
  5. Bad day today. Even though I took voluntary (probably would have gone anyway) I feel unwanted and insignificant, not sure if this is a reasonable emotion as this is the first time I have been through this.
    Mr is preoccupied (rightly so) with his new venture and then to top it got into bed last night to be rejected.
    Ended up driving around in pjs for an hour (something I do when I need to think or am upset). Not long been up now and feel totally demotivated.


  6. I like that kibosh, and have to agree.
    I started teaching back in the 70s and it's true to say that even then I used to feel incredible guilt/nausea/anxiety about deserting my post. What is it with teachers? *shakes head*
    I think yours is a fairly common reaction OP and of course it's coupled with the REAL MH trouble you are being treated for right now. That's every bit as disabling as a physical ailment - like the flu.
    This is much harder said than done, but if you can, try to relax and benefit from being home. You are there not because you are a shirker or weak and pathetic, but because you are ILL. It's OK to be ill. None of us are forvever, permanently strong.
    Make every situation a 'cosy' one..ensure you have lots of hot drinks, snuggly warm clothes, good music to listen to or TV progs to catch up with. Go for short walks to get some fresh air, and REVEL in the fact that this is your time...and should be (because your aren't well) free from everyday pressures.
    It's hard to think yourself into a relaxed mode...I know it is...but tell yourself guilt-free time right now is what your doctor prescribes. Take one day at a time and try if you can to build some pleasure into it. Sod work right now. It's not your problem. When you go back you can think about it, but right now, it wll take care of itself.
    There is no one lurking but your imagination is in over-drive because you are anxious about being off and being home. Most important is that you get well, and that takes time....so try to see your days at home as being beneficial to you.
  7. I am sorry...I meant yapyap, not OP....but once we write a reply we can't scroll back to get names. Apologies yapyap - in the light of your problems not mentioning your name seemed glib. I hope you are having a better day today. Best wishes.
  8. I'm with Lily on this; at any time during my life when staring at a wall just wasn't enough, I have picked up my needles and knitted. It got me through two terrible pregnancies, bereavement and the time my daughter ran off. Just knit your way out of it. Well it works for me, if not the recipient of the jumper ( who is normally incidentally the cause too). Sort of unjumbles the mind in a soothing way.

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